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Fuck, I am leveling up!

I waited for this for months, in this past week, since Ashlyn got the feeling, the wait had been excruciating.

All my friends level up, even Ellen who was just at Initial level had leveled up to the peak level much less jill and Jim who both leveled up to Corporal stage.

This level up going to give me a big boost in competition but before that, I had to survive from the mace that is coming toward me.

Using all my willpower, I again moved my shield in front of me despite being my arm injured due to an earlier attack.

"Bamm!" "Puh!" "Crack!"

His spiked sand mace again hit against my shield hard, injuring me both externally and internally.

The only good thing this time is that I was well prepared and used this blow to create distance between us.

I quickly drank life potion to heal my injuries quickly knowing, he will soon since the fluctuation of me level up and attack me without holding back, defeating me before I completely level up.

Its good thing that I was prepared and brought a unique potion from the Jim.

At normal speed level up took around fifteen minutes and if I drink life potion the time will cut to five minutes but ten minutes are still more than I can't handle.

I had predicted that there may be a chance me being level up during the battle and that is why I brought Accelerate Level Up Potion.

As it names suggest, it is a potion that helps in accelerating process of level up.

The ten minutes which were going to take me after life potion now would take me just two minutes.

In exchange of such acceleration process, I had to experience some uncomfortable feeling that it produced.

As I was flying back from the blow, I quickly took out a small red bottle from my storage and pop it all in my mouth.

As the liquid entered my mouth, I started to feel the uncomfortable sensation of thousands of ants crawling all over my body.

If not for the pain of Supreme Combat Exercise helping that numbing sensation a little, I would have surely gone crazy by it.

I really want to curse him right now, he said that sensation will be minutes and would not affect me in battle.

My ass! I cursed when I thought that, with this sensation, I would have hardly able to ignite the jets without failing.

"Oh fuck!" I cursed when I saw sand George coming toward me with his sand spiked mace.

From his ferocious expression, I could tell, he had definitely sensed that I am leveling up and he will surely want to beat me before I could completely level up peak level.

I have to do something if that mace hit, I will surely be heavily injured as he is using all his power this time, I won't able to survive much time after that blow.

Seeing there is no option left, all I can do is make that idiotic choice as that was the only option for me safely level up.

Without wasting any time, I started to feed the mana to shield, it felt a little painful doing that as all the ma

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