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After killing Anatase Lizard, I started to go deeper into the forest, to search for the corporal stage monster.

On the way, I've come across some monsters and despite my best attempts of being sneaky, I got noticed by few monsters to which I had to fight but It was not the bad thing, fighting them help me a lot easing the anxiety I am feeling.

Sergeant stage monsters of this realm going to powerful, I hope they will able to provide me that spark which will help me level up as god knows how much I've tried for this, there have been many instances that I had nearly died.

I just want this limit to break, I deserve it since I had put up so much hard work.

"Thanks, Ashlyn!" I said to Ashlyn as she dropped off the fruit in my hands before flying away quickly.

As we entered this forest, she had picked up her old habit of picking up herbs and fruits which she liked, till now she had only brought up the fruits but I believe she will soon bring some herb as long as it catches her eyes.

Soon I reached the place where Sergeant stage monster roams, now I just have to find a powerful Initial level Sergeant stage monster fight.

As I was searching for the Sergeant stage monster, I heard the faint fighting sound, feeling curies I decided to check it since this is the first fighting sound I've heard since coming to this area.

I sneakily started to walk toward the sound but when I got close enough and saw what is happening, I got little startled.

There is Peak Corporal stage girl seemed to fight be fighting Peak Sergeant stage monster and the fight is going on, the girl did not seem at disadvantage at all but that's not what startled me, what startled me is that the monsters she is fighting are Bipedal monster.

Like the previous realm I went, it was contaminated by foreign energy which made a monster of that realm aggressive and mutates into bipedal monsters.

This realm also contaminated by that foreign energy but on many levels in the lower regions, that is why I spotted very few bipedal monsters in the forest and all of them at Specialist stage.

The monster that girl is fighting the only Bipedal monster I've seen in this forest which is not at Specialist stage.

I watched the fight for a few minutes before walking away, thinking I have my own monster to fight.

I search for the monster for an hour more but no fruit come out of it, I saw many monsters but they were either at mid or peak level of the specialist stage.

"Chew chew!"

Just when I was thinking the whole day would go without any result, Ashlyn came chirping.

"There is a monster really?" I asked reading her emotions, "Chew chew!" she affirmed and started to fly toward the direction where she spotted the monster and I followed behind her excitedly.

Soon we came across the clearing where the monster is and startingly it is a bipedal monster which looked like Iron Rhinos.

Iron Rhinos are Level 3 strain monsters but this Rhino monster

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