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As my vision cleared, I found myself in the forest, there are tall tree around me and faint sounds of talking could behead.

The air around me feel fresh without any impurity, I feel like pores of my body opening with every beath making me a moment younger.

I am probably feeling due to the high mana density of this realm, mana density of this real

There are ten some people around me looking around, trying to determine the which part of region 1 are we in.

Those who passed through the realm gate will appear in various parts of region 1.

Region 1 is the smallest and safest region of 17 documented regions of Minerva realm, this region is even safe for the Specialist stage evolver considering Minerva realm considered extremely dangerous for the specialist stage evolver.

Suddenly, I remember the important thing and quickly checked my holowatch and took a sigh of relief seeing the message there.

It is an automatic message which will transmit as one crossed the realm, in here is noted the date exit will open again.

32 days! I have thirty-two days to return to region 1 to place where they will open the realm exit again.

I hope 32 two days will be enough for me to level up, In this thirty-two days, I will try both ways of breaking the limit, either finding miracle fruit that will help me level up or breaking the limit by overcoming the danger with Ashlyn.

Opening the map I started to access the area I am, after looking at them for a few minutes I pretty much conformed where I am and how much time it will take me to reach my destination.

"Friend do you mind teaming with us, it will be quite safe if we team up, what do you say?" Asked a boy.

He seemed to made already made small group around him and poaching to team up with him, he seemed quite earnest and with his power of peak of Corporal grade which is highest here, he also holds quite a sway.

I shook my head to his proposal and walked away. Idiot! I could hear the minions around him cursing me for being an idiot.

They are idiots! I said in my mind especially, the Specialist stage evolvers, in such a group when there is a sizable difference of power between two parties, the weaker party somewhat akin to slaves.

In exchange for the protection and confidence of the group, the stronger party would always make weaker party do all the work and would only lift a hand when the task is too powerful for the weaker parties.

When the danger comes the strong ones would use weaker one as an expendable meat shield to get away for danger.

I have seen it happened many times, sometimes when I am in the mood, I would save them but sometimes I would let them die of their idiocy.

Minerva realm is very dangerous and only those should come who have the power of Corporal stage evolver, only those could somewhat guarantee their survival and gain some fortune after adventuring in safer regions.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn comes out of me in loud chirp and starte

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