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''First Tide! Second Tide!" I activated the power two tides as I saw thorn full tongue coming toward me.

Its speed is very swift as, within a second, it arrived very near but before it could wrap me within, I quickly dodged with the power of the second tide.

One of the most important things I learned in five days of fighting in the marshland is always kept a trump card and do not waste skill if it isn't going to harm your opponent.

In the large fight, if your opponent is too powerful just stall it, your friend will help you as soon as he gets a chance.

In the last three days in the marshland, I will stall the opponent as long as it is out of my league and wait for Jill or William to help me killing.

There is no shame in asking for help from friends, it is a better choice than throwing yourself at death door because of your pride.

''Sluck!, Sluck!" I attack the tree branches with remaining power of the skill but I am little disappointed seeing my sword hadn't pierced more than an inch.

I expect nothing out of B grade monster, with the power of the second tide I can pierce only an inch and if I use the power of the third tide, I don't think I would cut this branches much less pierce the main body of the monster.

I can only regretfully admit that I don't have the strength to kill B grade monster of the same level much less level above me.

The only thing I can do about this monster is stall, stall till help arrived and then kill it.

''Fuck!" I said as I spotted three new branches coming toward me.

Fuck why this only happens to me! I curse as quickly tried to dodge the snakelike branches.

The only good that this new treant is concentrating not only me but another member of my team also.

This is why it is only attacking me three branches, not six but dodging nine branches is really hard as I received attacks from it now then.

If I am to be attacked by two treats at the same time, I would be finished in five hours.

From the shots around I can feel that the quantity of treants is kept increasing and if I didn't kill these two treants quickly then it wouldn't take much time for another one to pop up.

I kept dodging and defending without pause, not far away from me jill is now fighting against three treants.

She had already killed the one treant and the two she is fighting against are the new one.

I just hope she finishes them quickly to help me but that seems hard, she can't even send bitsy to help me as it is helping her against the monsters.

As I am fighting, I tried to keep an eye out now and then and noticed many things.

One thing I am surprised most is Rachel and Max taking an active part in the battle.

In the marshland they used to kill extra monsters we can't handle while rest of the monsters were handled by us but this time they are fighting with us.

I can see Rachels crimson arrows now and then killing every monster they touch.

Max also is also running t

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