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It is adult fist size heart and looked completely crystalline, the baffling thing is that despite being cysteine it is soft and spongy like a cake.

It did not have any blood dripping out of it like another monster heart as its surface is perfectly smooth and soft.

Hiding in beside the treant body I quickly take a bite of it, I wanted to cook but did not do it in fear of being sensed.

As I took a bite of a refreshing taste to erupt in the mouth, I can tell exactly what taste it is but its very refreshing.

"Gulp!" I gulp the bite and bite and that refreshing feeling started to spread in my body at an alarming rate.

Soon I felt that cool refreshing taste all over my body and then looked down, I am shocked, so shocked that barely able to stop myself from making a loud noise.

My mangled chest is healing at a visible rate and I can feel that my broken bones are also mending.

I quickly take another two bite and when I wanted to take third, I felt full suddenly.

Keeping half eaten heart in my hand, I started to observe changes in my body.

As I kept observing I got the largest shock not only it had been healing my injuries, it had to replenish my vitality and mana at the same rate as healing my wound.

Minutes ticks by and less than five minutes all the injuries of my body healed and I am brimming with energy that I just wanted to shout loudly.

I got out from my hiding place to became startled, the quantity of monster had increased again and before I could ready myself for a fight I got attacked by two initial level treant.

'Swish!' i dodge and swiftly countered them with my sword and shield.

There are many monsters around me and people having a hard time defending against it.

Seeing twelve branches coming toward me, I did not shy away from them but picked monster on my left and jumped on its branch.

I am going to try my earlier plan again, this plan is foolproof as long as one does not fear life-threatening injuries.

I ran on the branches like last time, this time my balance even little better as I jumped around the branches.

Other minster stopped attacking me seeing me running towards its kin.

"First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!" I activated my skill and jump down and keep adjusting my fall by stepping on its twigs.

'Unh!' this one behaved differently than the last, it did not use its barbed tongue to defend its weak spot but used it attack me.

The smile on my face bloomed seeing that, earlier when I killed the monster, I made that plan thinking in correspondence of receiving the attack from its tongue but it didn't attack me but used its tongue to defend against my attack.

Now that I'm seeing this treant attacking me with its tongue, I became very happy as I could follow through my original plan and may receive lit fewer injuries than usual.

Seeing tongue about to reach me, I leveraged my foot on the small twig on treants body and used that twig as leverage to wh

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