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"Roar roar!" the monsters let of mournful cries as Rachel and Max kept showering them with their constant attacks.

Rachel's archery no used to me but Max evasive movements I am more interested in.

The way he makes moves in midair felt unreal, it's like he produces footing for himself in midair, I really want to see how he did that but his movements are so fast that couldn't catch.

The good thing I am recording it in my holowatch camera, I will able to see it later in slow motion, I hope, I will find some clues about how he did it.

"They are taking way too long to kill these monsters, it's like they are giving the show! I completely expected this from Max but at least Rachel could have a finished these two monsters quickly," she said in annoyance.

Unlike Jill, I am too happy for the fight to last long, I feel like I am learning every new thing when I am watching them fight.

I am not the only one, so many people also thought so as they were watching in utter concentration.

I am amazed by the strength of Rachel and Max, these super-elites of the organization are really powerful.

Every attack of them efficient and without wasted movement and they are not even using their skills, its just their common moves.

I have seen the fights of Peak Corporal grade evolvers but they were paled compare to this.

It's not like both of them using too much power, eighty percent is their technique and rest twenty percent is their power, it is especially true for max.

His fighting technique made from his combat style and fighting experience, such a technique could only be developed after honing through thousands of battles.

"Thud! thud! thud!" three monsters fell on the ground consecutively, seeing rhea killed her minister, max also killed the monster next second after piercing its monster.

The fight looked like it had been going on for long but when I looked at my holowatch to close the video shooting, its barely a three minutes, which surprised me little.

The core of a giant monster is the size of an adult fist, compare to thumb size core that normal corporal level monster has.

I feel really jealous that core would definitely sell for whipping price, the high price it will get not for its usefulness but for its rareness.

I really want to have the strength to fight such monsters.

These super-elites of the organization are completely different from other members, they can kill normal corporal level like ants, there must be huge secrete to their training.

Killing the rest of sawtooth monsters only took fifteen minutes, it's all thanks to the fight of Rachel and Max, that pumped everyone up and they finished the fight in the quickest time.

"You guys must have many space realms for training, more dangerous than this?" I ask.

Training of their elites and super elites couldn't be done a place like a republic where there is no challenge as long as you go deeper in the forest.

To train such e

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