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When I opened my eyes, I saw myself a somewhat familiar environment. This looks like jill and Williams tent.

I tried to move my hands and feet but I found it little difficult, I slowly started to move a bit by bit and only after some time did I able to fully control my body.

I looked around my body, I saw all the series injuries are perfectly healed, not even small scratch or broken bone remained unhealed.

My complexion looks rosy which did not suit me, who's vitality nearly drained by overexerting his skill.

I look around to see Ashlyn not far away from, looking at me intently, I could really feel her anger.

I check my self for all my things and aside from my sword which is placed beside me, all my things on my body.

I can tell that jill did not check my body as there any change in the order of things in my storage pouch in my pocket.

My shield bracelet also in my left-hand storage in my right pocket, the only thing is misplaced is my sword which is inside the monster head last time I saw it before going unconscious.

My heart skipped a beat before turning back to normal when jill removed the sword from the monster body she must have definitely sensed it is low-level Knight grade artifact.

I feel relieved seeing it is jill who had removed if it was any normal adventure then me being alive would have been a problem.

Jill herself is using Mid-level Knight grade artifact and she doesn't have one or two but have a whole set of gear from head to tow.

Looking at my condition, I looked perfectly fine, more than fine I say as all my injuries are healed and all the vitality that had been sucked from my body seem to replenished.

This is not any simple healing potion and vitality potion could do in just a few hours, looking at my holowatch I can see that only about five hours had passed since I fell unconscious.

I never heard any potion which could replenish vitality this fast, it is really amazing.

I tried to talk with Ashlyn but she looked away in anger whenever I tried to talk to her.

I can understand why she is this angry, she is not only angry at me but also her herself for being weak.

Despite having the intelligence of 2 to three years old, she understands many things.

Ever since we entered the scind forest she never tried to fight any monster and always searched for many fruits and herb, hoping to find something that will increase her and me.

''I am sorry Ashlyn! I will try not to do that again." I said I did not promise not so that again as there will be moments in the future where I will have to take the desperate and life-threatening risk to get out of the dire situation but I will use this type of moves as the last resort.

I was just double checking my body when I head slight footsteps outside the tent and next moment jill and William came into the tent.

"Micheal, you woke up!" said Jill in excitement as she came and hugged me.

''Thank you for taking care of me!

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