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"Really delicious!" said William as he ate fruit bought by Ashlyn, after seeing his sister eating fruits from distance, his mouth also watered.

Not only he, but another member of my team also asked for fruit as they saw both of us eating them.

Ashlyn always bringing fruit or herb in her little claws whenever she sets out, till now, she had bright more than twenty herbs and fruits to me.

I have to say, this forest is very enriched in flora and fauna, both monsters and plants in the forest are in a different league than the rest of the realm.

The evening is approaching and we will set a camp in an hour probably, the whole day has passed but I never got a chance to fight.

One time I just threw a fireball in frustration, as I saw the monster coming but it was killed before my fireball could reach it.

"Do you think I will get a chance to fight monster tomorrow?" Ask jill to her brother.

''Don't get excited about the fighting monster, when the fifth day starts, you will have to fight enough monsters that you will not even have time to take a breath much less eat the fruit," Willian replied sternly.

"The monster that is attacking us are normal monsters of the forest when we reach middle and the core region of the forest, you will see the real powerful monsters that you wish that you wouldn't want to fight!"

"It is best to relax your mind and body now, you will have fight really powerful monster in few days!" William said softly as he patted the head of his sister lovingly.

She just nodded silently, we are very lucky but also unlucky, while we didn't have to fight eight and can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the forest but it also has a downside when more monsters arrive and we have to fight, we need time to adjust to nature and power of monster of this forest.

''All right enough for today, we will set a camp here." Rachel's voice rang out.

Space is quite open and many youths started cutting trees to make more space which could occupy five hundred tents.

Rachel and her two friends started to remove meter long staffs from their storage and started placing around the camp.

There are twelve such staffs which she placed in perfect circle fashioned around the camp.

Some monster are keep attacking but they are quickly killed by a team of Corporal level evolvers.

Rachel has arranged such teams all direction of the camp to fight against such monsters.

"Inside!" Rachel shouted and all of them seem to know what she meant as they quickly entered inside the boundary of twelve staffs.

Rachel quickly did something on her holowatch as twelve staffs started to shine and connected each other with blue light, soon that blue light shot upward from twelve staffs and formed into a blue dome that encompasses the camp.

I watch the whole scene with mouth open, the whole camp is encompassed in a blue force field, it looked really beautiful.

"The Clock Dome." Jill said in soft voice, this must be th

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