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''Puchi!" The Body of the iron stilled and it lost it moments, this iron rat is one of the most annoying monsters I ever fought.

Despite its half meter size, it's damn sneaky and attacks with its sharp metallic nails whenever it got the slightest chance.

There are wound all over my body, its good thing I brought a lot of potions otherwise It would have been hell to pay.

I quickly drank the potion and sat by the tree, looking at the fight, it should be over at five minutes.

This is the only fight that jill finished before me, despite those iron rats having a higher speed than the rest, it is still paled compared to jill.

That and its low defense made easier for jill to quickly finish the fight.

Five minutes later, the fight finished and we started to move if one would look, he will find that our speed double than yesterday.

The intensity of the monster attacks kept increasing, we had to move fast to maintain our initial goal of reaching the core region forest in nine days but it will very hard to follow that timeline.

We kept moving fast, without stopping, every now few minutes some monsters attacks but were they dealt by Corporal grade evolvers.

''Change the course!" Rachel shout comes out from the front, the scouts must detect some kind of danger.

We, now and then change the direction as scouts warned us of the danger.

This forest is a little weird, here monster of species live in a big group, even feline monster who prefer extremely small group or hunt solo are found in hundreds around some area, that is why we get attacked by a large group of monsters but it is not everywhere.

William had said, that in the core region horde of many monsters will attack us at the same time.

I shuddered whenever I thought about that, today is the fifth day and we will reach the core region on the 7th day sometimes, fighting a horde of powerful monster will be very dangerous, some people may turn up dead.

Some people here had experience of fighting the horde, as westblood city yearly attacked by a monster horde.

I also had some experience and I know how dangerous would be fighting them, hour and hours of fighting without any rest, it will be extremely dangerous.

As we were walking on the change route, we heard the heavy footsteps as if every step causing the small earthquake.

Our group suddenly stopped and became battle ready, I scouts had quickly come running from that direction and their faces look little pale.

They softly talked with Rachel and her expression turned serious, she stayed silent for while contemplating but then expression become resolute for some reason.

''Dangerous monsters are coming and there is no reason in running." Rachel said loudly.

"We will fight the monsters here, consider these monsters to a tiny glimpse of core region!" she said and waited for loud footsteps to come closer.

"Gasp!" I gasp seeing monsters coming out of, I've never seen such monster be

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