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''Ohhh!" Come out of my mouth when I opened the flap of my tent and about to go out, I found jill in front of me and her hand in the air which is about to knock on my tent.

''Hahaha!" Jill started to laugh loudly and seeing her laugh, I also laughed a little.

''Your brother hasn't come back from his date yet?" I asked.

If it were back home, one-night wouldn't be enough for a date but the place like this, which is enclosed in protection artifact, an hour is more than enough.

I am even surprised that the girl agreed for a date in a place like this, at least she would have waited till they had safely reached home.

Seems like that girl is also interested in William to go on a date in a place like this.

''Nope, he said he will meet directly at dinner before he left!" Said jill with the smile.

Soon we arrived at the center of the camp and like us, many people stood there waiting for Rachel.

She had said that she has something important to announce.

Soon all the people came and it didn't take Rachel long to come, William also came in last, smiling and talking happily with a beautiful girl.

His date must have gone really great to see him in this great mood.

''I call all you people here because I important announcement to make!" Rachel's voice fell into my ears.

This must be related to why there is another camp beside ours.

"Tomorrow we are going to take a shortcut to the Core region!" she said.

Taking shortcut! It is never a good thing to take a shortcut in dangerous especially the place like this.

''Normally it would take us six or seven days to cross the Middle region but it with us taking shortcut it will take us two!"

"Makes no mistakes, it will be very dangerous but our losses will be less seven days traveling to the middle region and there will be another group will come with us for safety," she said.

So that is the reason another camp is here, they must have made these plans back in the camp. I wonder how other camps are doing compared to us.

"The shortcut is through marshland, I will send you the info we had gathered about monsters there." She said and tapped a few buttons on her holowatch and soon after there is a notification on my holowatch to accept the data or not.

I quickly accepted but did not open the file, I will open it after dinner.

The dinner is started after Rachel's announcements, both Ashlyn I being hungry, we ate our heart's content.

After eating I left for my tent with Jill while William was still busy talking and smiling with his new girlfriend.

I opened the file, in my tent and started to read it. The document is long, it has a rough structure of Marshland and list of monsters that we likely come across.

The most important thing I've come to know from this document are Monsters Battle power.

They are divided from A to F, While F being weakest and A being strongest.

Ashlyn species did not fit even F category, even after mutation

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