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Two days passed in flash and were not much different from the first day except for the intensity of monsters increasing.

Especially yesterday late afternoon when we were approaching the middle region of the forest the monster that attacked us was really powerful and I was about to fight it if not Corporal level evolver stepping in.

Today is our fourth day in the forest and I 'm sure from today the real fights would start.

I had just woken up and Ashlyn is still sleeping on my chest, her cute chubby form really looked peaceful when she sleeps, opposite to her arrogant self when she is awake.

I softly, picked her sleeping form and placed her on the floor beside me and quietly went to freshen up.

By the time I've returned, she has woken up and waiting for me to open the flap of the tent, so she could fly away outside.

Like every day, I started to read for a while before time to eat and leave.

In the past three days, Ashlyn had brought many fruit and herbs to me but I notice, that deeper we went more precious the herbs she brought got.

Although she had brought less than the first day because of increasing danger, its rarity made up for it.

'Knick Knock!' "Micheal, its time!" I heard Jill's knock and voice, it must be time to eat.

''Just a second!" I shouted, checked my clothes and face into the mirror before getting out of a tent.

We walked in the center of the camp for eating, many people could be seen holding their plates and eating.

"Today will exiting!" said Jill while we were eating, "and dangerous!" her brother quipped in suddenly, which made jill little annoyed.

''Didn't you go searching for your girlfriend, where is she?" She remarked William's face fell a little hearing this.

William had a crush on a girl and wanted to ask for a date but till now he hadn't been successful and it didn't help that girl he is trying to date is powerful than him.

She is one of the Rachel friends and is the peak Corporal grade evolver.

Soon we finished eating and went back to camp, in fifteen minutes, I packed my camp again and left for the center of camp with jill and William, as it is time to leave.

We found Rachel standing on the makeshift podium waiting for everyone to gather.

"For past three days, we have been in the forest, some of didn't get a chance to fight the monsters but from, it will be different!" she said in a loud voice when everyone is gathered.

"Today we will be the entering middle region and the monsters numbers will increase exponentially, I want to you all to be careful, so all us will return home safe and sound!" she said and left the podium.

The protection team readied their weapon to fight as there are many monsters which are attacking forcefield as soon as the forcefield is down, the special teams made of Corporal grade evolvers.

Soon the artifact is deactivated by Rachel and monster get in loud roar but before they could do anything, they were killed by

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