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'This is fucking Horde!' I screamed in my mind. I've only experience horde once when I was on the train to Westblood.

That was the first time I've ever fought the monsters and also one most dangerous battle I've ever fought.

Horde's are dangerous, especially when it made of powerful monsters like this.

It is a good thing that we have Max and Rachel and other elites of the organization to kill the monsters in bulk otherwise the pressure would have been too high to bear.

As time passed on more and more monster came, as I fought, even I am having a hard time fighting against them.

Currently, four treants are attacking me at some type and to survive from them I am using skill every minute with the help of the treant heart.

Only this method is saving me from the onslaught of monster and helping me kill them.

Compare to me jill is doing quite well, no matter how many monsters surround her, she will always come out it and kill the monsters.

The whole battlefield is filled cries of both monsters and people.

Despite more monsters, it is much better right now that earlier when they don't know about the effects of Treants heart.

Earlier they have to fight with caution, in fear of getting seriously injured but now with treants heart, even if they are at death's door, it could bring them back after they took a few bites out of it.

Monsters are getting killed every minute but new monsters are also replacing them without giving us a chance to take a break.

I can Rachel's arrows and max's shadow around the battlefield now and then.

They are rescuing people and killing monsters, not only them, but-but-but many elites of organizations also could be seen doing that.

I have also seen William many times as he comes many times to help his sister despite her not needing it.

I can see little annoyance in her eyes whenever William killed the monsters she is fighting.

It's been five hours since we have been fighting the monsters the monster, in this time monsters did not decrease but increased and so is the difficulty killing them.

I am surrounded by so many monsters that whenever I ran toward the monster to kill it, other will obstruct, I had to try for at least 8 or 9 times before succeeding in reaching near the monster and kill it.

I am in a good mood right now, in this half an hour, I had killed four treats, that is my best speed.

After I killed the monster, I would always take out its heart at the quickest speed, this thing is a treasure and will be very useful in my future fights.

Not only I am collecting the treants heart I killed, but I am also collecting the once killed by Rachel and max but I've never taken from the kills of others.

Although I've received many injuries doing that none the less it's worth it seeing the haul I've got.

There are many around did that but I am sure I've got the biggest haul and whenever new minster killed around my area, I will one of the first

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