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"Be cautious and careful today, keep yourself and your teammates safe!" said Rachel as we were about to leave the camp.

Max's group already waiting outside, Rachel quickly deactivated the protection artifact and us all get out.

There is monster outside this time as they were all killed by max's group, soon two of our group merged with Rachel and max's lead.

As we travel toward the marsh, we come across many monsters but in front of a thousand people, they were quickly finished.

If it was our group only, it would have taken us some time but with two groups they were easily killed as nearly ten people against one monster.

I got quite lucky earlier as I was able to make a killing strike and took the monster core for myself, as rules state that the one who made finishing strike will get the monster core.

I fought tens of monster by the time we reached the boundary of the marshland in the late morning and with only a few injuries which is surprising compared to the past two days.

"Fuck!" I said as I looked at the marshland, it beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

Still, calm water but sometimes as a monster would come out if water and will kills its pray at one strike before dragging it under water.

Big groups of various monsters could be seen, it would be very dangerous if travel close to them.

Its good thing that marsh is quite large and there are many ways to choose as long as one doesn't mind getting dirty.

I forcefully called back Ashlyn inside me as marsh had very few trees to hide and many bird monsters which could eat her single bite.

She is quite angry as forcefully called her inside me, I don't like force Ashlyn to do she doesn't but when it comes to her safely, I don't care how angry she is.

Max and Rachel talked for a while before choosing the way into the marsh.

Many monsters attacked but all were killed by force of a thousand people, no group of the monster was able to last more than minutes.

We were just walking while killing the monster when hundreds and hundreds of monsters jump toward us from the lake suddenly.

They're coming so fast and their noise so loud that we barely had a chance to react.

'Croak croak Croak….'

Against these monster, our quantity won't work as they are many as us and have

"Squirt squirt spuirt…." I dodged some water jet attacks that I could and defended some with the shield that I couldn't dodge.

There are more than thousand this giant Squirt frogs come out of the water and started to attack with water jets.

That water jet attack is extremely fierce, more dangerous than the sword strike if it hit then it will directly pierce the body.

When all the Squirt frogs come out of it, I am shocked by their numbers, there are about one thousand and five hundred frogs.

We have to kill them quickly, if other monster group attacked in the midst, we will be in serious danger.

I quickly recall all the information that Rachel

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