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My face turned pale seeing its claw latched on the sword while other claw also launched my shield.

''Grrr?" Growling weirdly, it mouth again come down on me.

Seeing that my mind lost, of if stayed in this position one more minute, it will definitely have my head.

I have to do something very quickly, I only have one choice but I don't want to do that.

I can easily manipulate the size of my shield and sword, by doing that, I will escape from its clutches but I do that then I will be seriously in trouble.

I have seen undisguised lodging and greed in the eyes of normal adventurers when they looked an elite member of organization wield Knight grade artifact.

Till now, I haven't manipulated the size of sword and shield openly if I do that now some people definitely noticed and I will get it a lot of trouble once I get out.

I might even get killed, I have many times seen friends killed the simple monster core and I have freaking knight grade artifacts, two at that, I will not use that option as long I will see no option other than that.

'Ahhhh!' I screamed loudly in my mind and use all the skill's power coursing through my body, even started circulating supreme combat exercise madly, without any care for pain.

''chi..chiiiing" My sword and shield come out it and I swiftly put some distance as seeing it still in shock and drank bottle of potion while being pleasantly surprised seeing I broke into the 11th circulation of supreme combat exercise.

''Roaar!" It roars with anger and came at me with a fierce expression.

Seeing its craftiness last time, from this time, I mostly focused on dodging and only clashed with when there is no option and even then I quickly take away my sword and shield before it tried to grab them again.

I perfectly understand if I fell into a predicament as earlier, there is an eighty percent chance that my head end up in its teeth and I don't want that happen.

We continue to fight and injuries of my body keep increasing, it a good thing that I drank potion earlier which giving me little relief about my injuries but it is big.

If these injuries kept piling on then even healing potion won't able to save me if injuries exceed its limitations.

One thing has me solace is mournful cries around me, it let me know that I am not the only one who is wretched state, there many others like me who are wretched under the monsters constant attacks.

Their scream and cries were even worse than me, I really want to crane my neck and looked at them but I can't divert my attention even for a moment.

"Clank clank clank!" I clash against it with high vigilance, it had many times to grab my sword and shield but I quickly take them back, out of its reach.

I had been searching for the perfect chance to use the skill but this damn monster is not giving me any openings to attack.

That's the main problem of it, I had tried one other time but its no use, it was still able to counter my

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