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'Micheal Micheal!' i heard someone calling me, I tried to open my but couldn't then a familiar warm sensation had spread through my body.

'Micheal!' I heard my name calling again and this time when I tried to open my eyes, they opened and I saw the face of Jill in from of me.

"Did I go unconscious for long?" I ask looking around, there are seem to be many people fighting the black earth bears.

"No, you were unconscious barely five minutes," she replied, I nodded and was about to get when a thought comes to mind that my palm was slit bone deep by monster claws.

But when I look up, I saw the bandage on my wounds, especially on my palm and my body seems to be healing.

''Michael, that was really dangerous! You could have been seriously hurt if there had been a little mistake." Jill said a little guilt could be heard in her voice.

I just smiled and slowly got up and drank a vitality potion to aid the healing potion.

I am seriously injured, especially my palm, I don't think I will able to handle a sword very well, for an hour at least.

I just hope that the next monster will attack at least an hour to attack.

"Thank you jill, for sending your monster over!" said Aaron.

He one of our teammate, he and another body also fighting mid-level Black earth Bear and seeing they are having a very hard time, Jill had asked her monster to help them.

If we had her monster against our fight against Black Earth Bear, we would have a lot easier time in killing Black Earth Bear.

Aron and our other teammate's condition look little worst than me as they sat down by the tree and drank the potions.

In the other hand, Bitsy Jill's monster seemed relatively unharmed, it just has few scratches over its body but still, jill fed it forcefully.

While sitting beside the tree reading, I took a look at the whole battlefield and as time passed, I noticed a peculiar thing.

The Mid and High-level Corporal grade evolvers that roaming the battlefield are not much helping, they are only helping those who are seriously injured otherwise they will not raise a hand.

I found it quite weird at first and felt quite angry at them about not helping despite having the chance and power to do that.

it is all probably ordered by Rachel, one can act like this on his own mind but not all of them.

But when I thought carefully for a while about it, I understood the reason. She probably wants us specifically Specialist Grade to fight monsters with own power and evolve and not rely on corporal grade.

Because when we reach the Core region, there will be no Corporal level evolvers to rescue us from a strong monster as they themselves will be busy saving their own life.

The fight has lasted for more than half an hour and nearly left all specialist grade evolvers injured.

I thought Rachel will make us travel in that condition regardless but she had ordered another half hour of rest.

I heaved a sigh of relief hearing that,

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