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We kept practicing the formation, its less practice and more like memorization as people can't learn battle formation in one day, no matter how much they try.

So, Rachel's only option is to teach us 'what to do when that happens.'

We practiced fighting solo, in teams, helping our teammates when the monster is powerful and how to save the life of the self and our teammate's life when the corporal level monster shows up and there is no.

She taught many tricks and technique of teamwork and coordination, that will really help in a battle against monsters.

As we were practicing many tricks and technique, Rachel started to give us information about the forest that really shocked me.

She said that this forest is infected with some kind of foreign energy that made monster inside this forest stronger and ferocious.

That they will attack outsiders at the sight and we will encounter hordes of monsters after we enter the core of the forest.

She said that four days will be light as one group had more than five hundred people, some of won't get chance to fight four days but when we reached the core region, things will be completely different.

We will get attacked at day and night without pause but she did say that they have brought powerful protection artifact from the westblood, which will able to protect us from the monster at night.

She didn't mention many details about the artifact but I can see the relieved expression from everyone face.

This practice going to run for a whole day and it is now the only morning.

Off all people, the most wretched are those at the Private grade, Rhea asks them to run in between our practice with heavy loads on their back.

There is only a job is to is find the safest place amidst battle and pick the best monster carcasses for lunch and dinner.

It only two hours since the fight had started but those private level evolvers had drenched with sweat from head to tow but all of them doing what Rachel told them without complaint.

They are the best of best Private grade evolvers, those who were weak had already perished in this harsh realm.

Those at private grade are most wretched and those who are at mid-level and peak level Corporal grade are most carefree.

They are just running around in between practice field, training for rescue.

Whenever mid-level and peak level corporal monster will appear on the battlefield, it will be their responsibility to fight it.

I feel quite bored doing repetitive action for thousands of times but have to do for survival.

Although the practice is very boring, I found that it is becoming very helpful to me.

After eating Miracle fruit of Rebirth, many changes had occurred in my body, that I barely utilized without practice and experience.

This repetitive practice helped me understand my body's new strength and flexibility.

With the help of this training, I've become completely familiar with it and my battle power, a

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