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"THUD!" I and the monster's corpse fell on the ground with a large thud.

I take a deep breath to reduce the pain in my head, this time I used refinement engine, skill, and supreme combat exercise together.

There is hardly a loss to my head and my body became a lot stronger and tenacious after eating supreme combat fruit but still pain of using three is immense.

I had reached the 22nd move of supreme combat exercise, three moves more and I can create the third seal.

It is a good method to increase the moves of supreme combat exercise but it will not work for long.

The pain of supreme combat exercise circulation now approaching the pain of head slitting and I am sure that after I the third seal is created, the pain of supreme combat exercise will dawn on head-splitting pain.

This method will become useless by then and I will have to return to the same old technique to advance the moves of supreme combat exercise.

The fight may look like it had taken minutes but it all happened under five second.

I killed the monster in five seconds, I killed in one strike, this initial level monster wolf's combat power greater than any and mid-level specialist monster, I've ever fought in this realm despite being at the initial level.

This monster can easily kill mid-level scorpion in minutes and can fight with peak level specialist Scorpion in the equal ground.

I killed it, I killed it in one strike, I got up and about to remove my sword from its skull when I felt numerous gazes boring on my back.

When I looked back, I saw countless people were looking at me, even jill who is fighting against the wolf master also looking at me we awestruck expression.

"Micheal, that move was so cool." She said while fighting with the monster. ''I want to learn that moves you should teach me right?" She asked as dodge the claw of wolf monster.

It will be very hard for her, changing the direction of her body in midair, I only able to do it because of my fire ability but I still nodded to her excited face.

I quickly took out the monster core from the monster's body, I would have taken shiny metallic fur but there is not much space in my backpack, I had already decided that I will only take those fur which has a very high value as there is no point in filling your backpack with useless junk only to feel weighted.

All people fought with all their strength because time is limited and there is someone to take a charge if they failed to kill the monster.

As the fight goes on, I just keep an eye on jill, seeing there is nothing for me to do.

Fighting with the monster wolf, I've come to understand the full abilities of my body and currently, I can say that I am currently equal in physical strength with jill.

Jill had gotten quite an experience in fighting the monster, especially when we were crossing the desert, her brother left no chance, whenever a specialist grade monster appears he would always let jill fight it.

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