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Chapter 1770 - Arena I

Six days passed by since I have given the potions to the Professor and Elina; since then, I had not seen them.

Professor had left the same day she had got the potion while Elina had been making preparation to drink the potion. All her preparation had finished, and in few hours, she is going to drink that Bloodlin Furnance Potion.

Even with her Bloodlines help, it will be a dangerous affair, and in a few days. I had also made some preparation in view of that.

If its gets too hard, I will take some potion power from her to relieve her burden, just like the Grimm Monster had sent the potion power into me forcefully.

I wish I could do something to help the Professor, I had offered to help her before she left, but she declined, saying it would not work on her seeing her unstable Bloodline. I would have been able to help her if her Bloodline had been stable.

Only with the help of that hair did she able to stabilize it enough that Bloodline had stopped harming her, but if it sensed any interference, it might attack ferally.

I always wonder what kind of Bloodline Professor has; it is a secret, not even Elina knows about it. Other than the Professor, the only Teacher knows about it; I have a little idea what Type of Bloodline it is as hidden being had talked about it when I found that hair.

I shook my head of thoughts and concentrated on the bone in front of me. I have been researching it few days, and I am very frustrating; I had barely found anything about it.

The only thing I know is that this bone is scary strong, I had attacked it with my strongest attack, but it did nothing. The bone had no such vibrated when the full force of my attack crashed into it; it is like a one-year-old kid and hitting a thick steel wall with my fists.

It did not release any energy or emit any aura. I have tried many different methods, Ive even used a very expensive solution which is used to capture the faintest trace of the aura that even Tyrants couldn't sense, but even then, I did not find anything.

It made me even more curious and frustrated about this bone. I studied it for a few more minutes before storing it. I will show it to few people in the Academy, see if they are able to find out anything about it.

I remained in my house for more than an hour, working on my Inheritance before flying out of it.


A few minutes later, I landed in front of a huge arena. This is one of the biggest arenas in the Academy, bigger than the Grand Arena of the Championship. The Grand Area is for the Emperors, after all, but this James Candor Arena is for the Tyrants.

I entered inside, and a few minutes later, I was in a big room where some important people in the Academy were sitting.

"Teacher, Councilmen," I greeted the Teacher and four councilmen sitting at a large table, there is also Elina, but she was silent in front of these people.

One person seemed to be missing; Elina

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