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Chapter 1772 - Guests


"You have created a Monster," Councilwoman Marla said as she watched Ellie got hit mercilessly one more time.

It had been nearly fifteen minutes since the battle had begun, and Elina's Bloodline had advanced seven times, but she is still taking a merciless beating like first minutes without having the strength to fight back.

The only thing Elina could do is defend as Micheal is not giving her even the slightest chance to attack.

"I have not created him; he already had all the qualities to be a Monster when I met him; I had just guided him," Marina replied and looked at the battle before flinching slightly as her daughter got hit by another merciless attack.

While she understood why Micheal beating Ellie like a dead dog but she still wished he would tone it down a little; she is my daughter, and it hurts very much to see her getting beaten up like this.

"He is really his mother's son; his mother also able to kill the Tyrants when she was Emperor," Councilman Rufus commented.

"Snort!" Councilman Marla snorted. "While it is true that Anna Michealson was able to kill the Tyrants when she was Emperor, it is mostly because that powerful grand art Empire of Mist, it would let her trap the enemies that are many times stronger than her and kill them through the sneak attack," She said.

"She did not have raw strength as Micheal has," She added. "Strength is strength; it does not matter which form it comes from," Councilman Rufus said without backing down; it seemed to irk Councilman Marla as she snorted at his words and continued watching the battle.

Few more minutes have passed when suddenly, expressions of all people sitting changed reading the message that appeared on the holowatch.

"Your husband has finally come, and he had brought quite a guests," Councilman Marla said. Marina's expression is unreadable, but those who are familiar with her could tell she is not happy with her husband's behavior or the unannounced guests he had brought.

If he had brought an Elite Tyrant with it, it would not have been a problem; they would have even managed a Leader Class Tyrant, but the one he brought with him is bigger, there is no way any of them could remain calm when that person is not the Campus.

He had brought Matron Mavis with him, and she had brought her precious student with her.

"Should we invite them to the arena?" Councilman Rufus asked Marina, she is Headmistress; such a decision fell under jurisdiction.

"Yes, let them come here. With someone like Matron Mavis here, we would have a greater chance of protecting Elina if something goes wrong with her," Marina said.

"Be careful of that old hag; she has definitely come here to steal your student," Councilwomen Marla advised.

A moment later, other than the Councilwomen Rufus, everyone disappeared from their spots; they have to leave to welcome the distinguished guest that had come.


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