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After combing through Neil and Andrews bodies, we also go through there and got surprised what we found.

It was out of our expectation to find so much stuff, although it is not comparable to Shawn and his team had given is but still there is a lot.

They must have killed quite a lot of people to gain this much stuff, I quickly made a list of stuff we have gathered.

We four camps, seven armors, six pair of shoes, four shields, two masks, twelve weapons, five backpacks and all of them are Grade 1 artifacts.

Of the potions, there are 67 mana potions, 17 vitality potions, 19 Healing potions, 8 antitoxin potion, and some other medicaments.

Not only this, there are some rough unrefined mana cores, ores, herbs, and some miscellaneous stuff that we can seem to identify.

We divided all the stuff in sixty-forty fashion, we are not on the same level so there is no question of dividing loot equally, sixty-forty is perfect for us.

I will definitely get more than two million credits selling them back at home, I just hope I can return home safely, without any accident.

I change my old gear for a new one from the loot, my backpack, armor, and shoes were low grade.

The new one which I chose is the best quality, especially for Specialist grade evolver, they are way better than my old gear.

I remove the space pouch from my pocket and enlarge it to put all the things inside it and even after putting all things inside, there is still some space left inside.

I told Rhea about my plan to keep alive Tri colored poison frog alive and sell it later when we get out of this realm.

Although it will be little dangerous, keeping poison monster in our backpack it well worth the price if we re abet to sell it in the market.

I decided that rhea should keep it in her backpack, even if she got bitten by it, she will have enough time to drink the antidote unlike me who will not survive its poison for long.

'Grrr' sound came out of Rhea's stone pandas stomach, Ashlyn also has been demanding food for some while but I said her to wait, hearing my answer she flew away saying she spotted some fruits trees near and she will going to eat to satiate hunger for a while.

Hearing sound from her stomach I also started to feel hunger, "We should make something to eat." Rhea said, I nodded and called back Ashlyn telepathically to check the cooking ingredient left behind by Neil and Andrew.

"Chew!" Ashlyn flew into camp with bright chirp, "Ashlyn check if any of these ingredients are poisoned."

"Chew chew!" she chirped in affirmation and started to look at ingredient one by one.

"Chew chew chew!" chirped and pointed her wing at a small bottle of spice.

''Is harmful?" Rhea asked, "chew!" She chirped in affirmation after she checked the rest of the bottle but did not find anything suspicious.

seeing there is no problem in the ingredients, Rhea started to cook food with the help of Ashlyn.

We had decided to rest for

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