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The patrol didn't stop as we were running toward the camp like crazy, as we come closer to them, I got the better look at it.

My initial estimate of two thousand people but I was wrong, there are about four thousand people here.

Thousands of tents in neat information be seen and around the camp is people parroting heavily.

It is even rough fence and sentry lower of wood could be seen around the camp.

Whoever is in charge had done a good job in maintaining a camp, one barely spot any mistake in the arrangement.

There is a large gate at the entrance of the tower and around it two big sentry tower.

As we enter the gate of the camp, no one stopped us but after walking a few steps inside we notice, there are few youths sitting on the roughly made wooden desk and asking information to those who are coming in from the camp gate.

We also walk in front of the empty desk which is administered by the girl as same as rhea age and also in Corporal grade.

"Are you two from Thundergods Arena?" she asked smilingly to Jill and William, completely ignoring us.

''Yes, we are." Jill and Willian answered in unison, "Please state your names please!" she said in a respectful tone.

''William Harris and Jill Harris," Willian replied, hearing their names the girl look at their holowatch for while.

''Great! Your names are here." She said and shouted ''Tim!" loudly, soon a boy of my age come running over.

"Take them to Thundergods Arena's camp," she said to the boy.

"Please,'' said the boy motioning his hands.

"our friends?" Jill said motioning towards us, ''I am sorry, they can't come with you, your area restricted to organizations member only,"

"if they are a member or any organization or government they can go with you and if they are not, they have to put their camp in common area, these are the rules of the camp," she said to jill with the smile.

In nearly three days of travel, we nearly forget that they are from a big organization but now the girl brought us back to reality.

In here or in the union, those from the government or organizations get many privileges, from a discount in shopping to slashed cab rates, that is why many people train hard to get into the organization.

"It's okay!" I said with a smile, I understand the difference between us and so jill, after giving a final apologetic look both of them followed Tim.

''Your name and name of the affiliate organization if you are a member." She said in a stern voice, her voice is completely different from that of before sugary voice with a sweet smile.

We stated our names, she noted it into her holowatch.

''Ting!" A request with a file also came in my holowatch and I accepted it and received the file.

''I've sent you all the information you need to know the camp and exit and there is also a document about your designation, you will understand it after reading it." She said and given us the direction of the place where free adv

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