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With stag monsters attack, I got enough time to get away from the monster and throw a potion bottle in my mouth.

My eyes flashed with envy seeing young stage monster hopping here and there with its speed and agility.

Scorpions eye is red and it looking at me in vengeance, its good thing that I had cut off its tail, so there is a lot less pressure on to defend against.

'Whish!' Dodging its pincer, I jumped on its back, although my normal attacks can't do much its defense and there is also strong layer protection on its eyes also, I will need both speed and strength to pierce its eyes.

''Dumb beast, I am here!" I shouted as pierce the wound on its tailbone one more time.

It absolutely went mad suffering repetitive injuries from me and tried to burrow into the sand but I pierce its wound one more time to make it angry stop from burrowing in the sand.

With its pincer gone, it can't do anything to me as long as the back, where it was, at that place its pincer cant reach.

I kept attacking it tail wound and whenever its pincers away, I would try to attack its eyes but it is very hard.

Eye its is very sensitive, whenever I tried to attack it, it will form its defense layer.

The defense layers on its eyelid are strong as its head, no matter how hard I try, I would only able to make scratches on it.

Without the power of skill, I will not able able to do anything to it.

The scorpion that rhea fighting is at its last legs, she would be able to finish it within a few minutes.

Not only she, but Deedee is also helping one boy fighting an Initial level Sand Scorpion.

The whole fights going in the frenzy, one could die if one made the slightest mistake.

My luck was good earlier that Stage monster of that purple suit girl saved me earlier or I definitely would have to lie in the pieces.

Except for the girl in purple, all people here seemed to be quite experienced in fine, this girl must have been quite sheltered to not have fighting experience.

"Thud!" One Sand Scorpion fell dead on the sand as it is killed by a boy who is wearing a similar purple suit as the girl.

After killing first Sand Scorpion he ran toward one girl who is having difficulty against Corporal level sand scorpion.

As the fight goes on, Rhea also killed the Sand Scorpion she was fighting and went to help another fighting Corporal level Sand Scorpion.

There are still fifteen minutes till, I can use my skill again if I had three seals of exercise, five minutes breaks would have been enough between using the skill.

"Whoosh!" I dodge another pincer of the monster as I am trying my luck on its eyes.

I have to say, it been more than an hour since I started a fight with this Sand Scorpion but there is a decrease in its intensity of attacks.

Even after me cutting its tail, its speed and rhythm did not decrease instead increased.

I have dank three potions since I started fighting this monster to fill my refinemen

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