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I let all go and sat on the ground as I took a deep breath and close my eyes.

Now that I let go all of it, I feel splitting headache, my earlier using skill, refinement engine, and supreme combat exercise, I put a lot of strain on my body, especially head.

Lot of blood veins on my head popped open, I don't think I will able to use three of that thing together for the next week.

I sigh in regret thinking that, I am sure that if fouth two or three mid-level specialist monsters again, I can definitely create the third seal.

Just thinking about the third seal my eyes became dreamy, after creating the third seal, I can fully perform the three strikes, at that time, I can even survive from peak level specialist grade monster.

When I opened my eyes, I found rhea is dissecting the monster corpse, Yellow lightning tigers coat in high demand and very expensive and being a corporal level monster, its meat going to be really delicious.

I also started to dissect the three yellow aligning tigers. I only took its claw, coat, and core, leaving everything else in the body.

I would have taken heart meat but I already saw Rhea taking the meat of corporal grade monster that will last us for a week.

"It's getting late, we should find a spot for camp," said Rhea, I nodded. the dark is approaching, we should really find a spot quickly as possible otherwise we will come across more monsters we can handle.

we hurriedly started to search for the camping spot, finding the good spot in limited time in this sort of place is really hard.

The sky had already turned half dark and we are hearing all sort of monster noises, if not for Rhea and DeeDee intentionally radiating corporal grade aura lots of monsters had already attacked us.

I think we are currently in Yellow lightning tigers territory, that why we didn't come across any corporal level monster but our luck won't last long if we keep roaming for a spot, some corporal grade monster bound to notice us and will attack.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn come chirping from the sky, I asked Ashlyn earlier to check if she could find a spot from the sky.

"Did you find it?" I asked her in expectation, "Chew chew!" she nodded in affirmation and started to fly toward that direction.

We quickly follow her, it is quite near as we reached there in ten minutes but when we reached their there was quite a problem as it was occupied by some Specialist grade monster.

Without me doing anything Rhea and Deedee attacked the monster and finished them within minutes.

Seeing rhea had removed the core, I summoned the fired to burned the bodies but stopped by Rhea.

"Don't burn the bodies, it will attract the monsters. It is better to bury them in a hole." Said rhea.

I am such an idiot! I can't understand some common thing, "Deedee dig the hole and bury those bodies into it." said Rhea said to didi.

Nodding cutely didi started to dig a hole little further from camp, Being corporal grad

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