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I couldn't control myself and let out a shout of happiness as I got out of the valley with rhea.

I was high on my nerves in the last one and a half day, only after getting out of valley did I felt safe again.

I opened the map and check for the location of a small lake that we have trying to reach past few days and from the map I can see that we just have to walk for little more than an hour to reach there.

We picked our pace without wasting time, although it not necessary for us to go there as our main objective to there to find a way to reach home but now that we have to know about gathering from Andrew and Neil.

We still want to go there if someone is their or not, it will be good if we found someone they're as will companions on the way to gathering and even if we did not find anyone there, we will make the journey toward the wasteland, although it will be dangerous what choice did we have.

As time passes, the lake appeared before our eyes. walking near it except for a few monsters, we didn't discover any human.

"Didn't that tree stump little odd?" I asked as we found a large tree stump near the lake as there are no large trees near the lake.

"Yes, really odd!" she said, we walk toward the tree stump, as we drew near we noticed that some paper sticking on the tree stump.

Its the paper! the same paper that Andrew and Neil showed us, which marked the destination of the gathering.

"Someone must have left it here, others to find." she said, "Yes, looking at all signs around here, there were a lot of people here yesterday if we had arrived here yesterday, we would have able to catch up with them," I said.

"Let's look around the lake to see if we could find anything more." said Rhea, "Ok," I replied and we both started to look around the lake yesterday.

The lake serene, except for few low-level monsters there is nothing else, This small lake should be the territory of Corporal level monsters and its Specialist grade minions but there no sign of it.

They probably killed and hunted then eaten by the adventurers who stayed. Except for few footprints and snack packs here and there, I didn't see anything.

"Did you find anything?" I asked, "No, there is nothing!" She replied, I have expected we find nothing but there is also an exception and don't want to miss anything.

"We should set up a camp!" She said, ''right!" I said and started to find a good place to set up a camp, I soon found a good spot and activated tent artifact there

We both are feeling tired and wanted to rest a little, especially rhea as she fought most.

''I'll cook today, you should get some rest," I said when I saw her making for cooking.

She didn't deny it seeing firmness in my voice, ''I'll take a swim first." She said went inside the tent.

''Ashlyn, keep an eye out!" I asked Ashlyn seeing she is lazily resting on the roof of the camp.

"Chew chew chew!" She chirped in annoyance as she still isn't talking me s

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