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"All done!" I said to myself as I put back tent into my backpack.

We have both woke up at dawn, cooked food and packed the leftovers for the night.

I looked valley front me, crossing it would be quite dangerous. Although I didn't believe Neil and Andrew ever entered inside the valley as they claimed but I still think there are may corporal grade monster inside the valley.

''Let go!" Said rhea, I nodded and we both walk toward the valley, "Ashlyn don't fly randomly, this valley is really dangerous!" I said to Ashlyn, giving her nature to wander around for snacks.

''Chew chew!" She nodded in affirmation, I was quite surprised she listened to me, normally when it comes to food she had barely any care for me.

'Gurgle….' We entered valley through the way of the stream. Walking through the center of the valley is shorted route albeit little dangerous but if all goes normal we will be able to get out of the valley by early afternoon tomorrow.

As we walk inside the valley, we did come across some monsters but they soon finished by Rhea and me.

"chew!" Ashlyn chirped softly, warning to not go further. Ashlyn had been flying ahead of us, to keep an eye on the danger.

"Chew chew…." She chirped again, giving details of the danger ahead. she said that there is a group of high-level specialist monster ahead.

seeing question appear on the rheas face, I told her what Ashlyn told me, "We will pass by it." she said and I nodded.

We would be able to kill a few specialist grade monsters but we will waste too much time in the fight and loud noises could alert the high-level monsters.

as we walked, we come across many monsters but we were able to avoid them and passed smoothly.

If one travel in the valley, he would feel calm amidst the cool breezes of the valley, one would urge sleep in the shadow of the trees.

there is calmness but there is also a danger, Ashlyn had noticed sleeping corporal grade monster earlier that we were barely able to avoid it.

I am quite relaxed as I am walking with rhea, The skill I thought would take me at least two days to learn, I learned it in one night and was able to perform its two tides.

Not only me, but I saw Rhea also mastered the three tides, I saw her at dawn practicing the skill.

Even if we come across an initial level Corporal Grade monster, I am sure rhea can kill it with the help of skill.

Time passes by and it is late afternoon, we had already reached near the center of the valley.

In the way here we come across two Corporal stage monster but we were able to avoid them with the help of Ashlyn.

There are less than two hours to dark, we have to start looking for a good place to camp in an hour.

"Chew chew chew!" Ashlyn came flying and chirped hastily, she is saying that a group of monsters is coming toward us.

"Rhea le.." it was too late as five Yellow lightning tigers came toward us and stopped just in front of us.

there are five Yellow L

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