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It is a panda, panda monster with diamond-like skin. I am sure its Deedee because only she could come out of Rhea like that.

I felt a little confused about two things before quickly understanding them.

When deedee was a stone panda, she was nearly five times taller than her above two-foot tall size and the second thing is her strain.

If she had activated the dormant higher strain in her body, she would have become Iron Panda but she, not an iron panda.

She is Mutated, sometimes when leveling up stages instead activating higher strain sometimes monster activated mutated strain.

Ashlyn mutation is different, she is born mutated. There are many things related to monsters that shocked one to the core sometimes.

Although every mutation brings good qualities isn't true, sometimes abilities of monsters regressed in mutation but clearly in DeeDee's abilities had taken a huge leap.

Despite being an initial level of Corporal grade monster, she was able to stop the blow of strong mid-level Corporal monster head on without getting injured, that is a testimony of her new abilities.

Stone Panda's are an average monster but looking at the performance DeeDee's diamond form, she can definitely include in the elite monsters list.

''Growl!" The monster growl in frustration seeing its attack had failed and attacked again but this time rhea had come to herself and charge toward the monster.

As she charging toward the monster, I notice that there is a faint layer of diamond skin flickering on rhea on rhea body.

I got quite surprised seeing that, when DeeDee was a stone panda, she didn't give rhea any power except for enhancement in strength and defense but looking at a layer of diamond on rhea skin, I am sure rhea got diamond skin ability from DeeDee this time.

I sucked a deep breath at that thought, she was already powerful, to begin with, and now gaining diamond skin, a top defensive ability, she had become even more powerful.

I really want to see how powerful Rhea had become now that she had leveled up to Corporal Grade.

''Bang!" Rhea crashed with a yellow lightning tiger head on, although she had taken steps back after clashing still clashing with minster head on without receiving injuries shows her formidable offense and defense.

Even I when fighting against the monster front of me did not clash with the head on. I always use my shield and whenever I used my sword for defense, I used in a way that I receive minimum damage.

Normally everyone does that, monsters strength is always two or three times more than humans but we used artifacts, skills, and our intelligence to beat them.

Rhea probably clashing against it head on because she wants to test her strength otherwise, she wouldn't have asked DeeDee to stand by.

"Thud!" The in yellow lightning tiger fell on the ground withering in the pain as it was dying due to blood loss.

''Growl!" ''Growl" the Corporal grade and Specialist grade both

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