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"Chew chew chew!"

After buying a few miscellaneous things, I was walking toward the exit of the marked when Ashlyn started to chirping again frantically.

She waved her wings, again and again, saying me to walk toward it.

Signing I decided to follow her directions, I just hope if this time she picks up a herb, it would be better than the previous ugly shriveled looking herb that picked.

Soon we come to girl peddler who had put up some ores and herbs messily on the table and is watching a movie on holowatch without care for the world.

She is not keeping watch on her things but no one would think of stealing from her, she is at a Peak level of Corporal grade, a top-level powerhouse in this space realm.

"Are you sure, this is the thing you want?" I asked with uncertainty.

The thing she wants is normal size cherry, one would think what's wrong with the cherry?

The cherry is poison green color, whoever looked at it would definitely think it's poisonous.

I asked her three times before making sure this is the thing she wants, I don't want her to poisoned by eating some poisonous thing.

Seeing she is very sure about this cherry, I've decided to buy her for it.

''Excuse me, how much is it?" I asked motioning towards the cherry, she moved her gaze from her movie and looked toward cherry im pointing.

"Give me something of ten thousand credit value, don't try to negotiate it, I will not change the price," she said in fix tone.

Why my luck is so bad! that fatty also doesn't want to negotiate but at least he gave me a reason for the high price but this girl didn't even spare time for that and went back to her movie.

I put two Specialist Grade monster cores on the table and carefully pick the poison green berry and walked away.

''Here take it?" I said, giving Ashlyn a cherry but I already removed anti-poison potion from a pocket in case of any accidents.

''Chew chew chew!" She shook her tiny little head and said it is for me, I got little startle hearing that as this little glutton barely left anything for me.

''Do you want to kill me or something?" I said as she asked me ate the berry, she looked so angry at that I thought she would spit fire from her tiny beak.

''I promised I will never make fun of you!" I said waving my hands up, she just snorted at my fake apology.

"Chew chew chew!" she chirped again and said that she smelled that this cherry will be good for me.

"Okay okay! I'll eat in the tent," I said as she piercingly looked at me, her action clearly showed that she wanted me to eat this cheery.

Seeing nothing much interesting in the market, I walked back to the tent with Ashlyn.

I slowly walked back to the camp enjoying the starry night while listening to the conversation or a group of people on the street.

There are many interesting things that I've heard, such as, one group friends making fun of their two red faces friends who they caught having sex in the te

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