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The battle against scorpion had been going on in full force but no Sand Scorpion had been dead yet but it will be soon.

The two people had been laid unconscious had also got up and joint the battle because that the pressure on those who were surviving against two scorpions had lessened.

The purple suit boy who had been fighting against two Corporal level Sand Scorpions got help from rhea which has given him enough time to feed the antidote and healing potion to two poisoned people.

Within ten minutes of drinking potions, their condition becomes good enough to fight with scorpions again.

It has been twenty minutes since I used skill, I just have to wait for five more to use it again.

The Sand Scorpions are a lot harder to deal that the Sand Worms and Snakes. These sand scorpions not only have speed but also great defense.

When earlier I attack its head with the power of the first tide but all I able to make a slight crack on its defense layers.

It is very difficult to kill it, the best way to kill scorpion is to cull cuts it's tail and then pierces the sword through its eyes.

"Stars in Twilight!" I heard in a soft voice when I looked from the corner of my eyes.

I saw that purple suit girl's sword is coated in grey twilight and faint stars could be seen twinkling in it.

She nimbly went near the scorpion and attacked near its head while swiftly dodging its stinger and returned back before layer twilight on her sword isn't yet to be disappeared.

I am a little shocked seeing that, her skills power is a little greater than the power of my skill's first two tides.

Her attacks had left visible marks on the scorpion, the only bad thing is this girl is little inexperienced in fighting or those two attacks of her would have been way more lethal if they had landed on the perfect spot.

After she attacked, her stag monster also attacked the Sand Scorpion without giving it chance retaliate against its master.

Compare to a Sand Scorpion that Stag monster is way too fast and nimble.

I quickly concentrate on my fight seeing sand scorpions stinger coming toward my direction.

''Crack!" "Shit!" I cursed out loud as my bone cracked by Sand Scorpions pincer which attacked me from the right side.

Thank god! That is is bone by hip, not of shoulder else it would have really affected my fight against Sand Scorpion.

I have to careful against it in the future, one injury in the wrong place can completely affect my fight against it.

Soon the five minutes passed and I am free to use the skill but I did not use it immediately but waited for a good moment to strike.

Not soon after the opportunity had arrived and I quickly activated my skill.

''First Tide!" I shouted loudly, no matter how weird it felt shouting the skill's name out loud but it helps a lot mentally.

''Whoosh!" I dodge its pincers as I move toward its head with the power of the first tide.

But this time scorpion was ready

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