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Chapter 1777 - Spar I

"Congratulations, little Richard, your daughter has broken the limit," Said the old woman. "Thank You, Matron," He said happily.

He understood the full gravity of his daughter's strength and the benefits she will have in the future due to it. What his daughter had done is very, very few across each generation could do; her strength had broken the limit of Emperor and got the power of Tyrant.

As long she consolidates her strength and improves a little more before she broke into the Tyrant Stage, she will direct a be an Elite, a powerful Elite, with a near guarantee of becoming a leader class Tyrant.

Even he, with all his efforts, is not a leader class Tyrant. Unless he could live for a hundred some years and have some lucky encounters, he will never be able to reach the Leader class like the other 99% Tyrants of Elite Class.

There is a huge insurmountable gap in each class of the Tyrants, and that class became bigger, the higher class is.

While he may not have a chance in his life but his daughter sure has; with current power and her bloodline, she will become leader class Tyrant as long as she survives, and she won't need that long to reach that stage; she will need a decade or two at most to reach that level.

He looked at his daughter proudly for a second more before he turned to the monster his wife have created.

This guy had not used even his Inheritance even when taking his daughter's strongest attack; I wonder how powerful his real strength is. I am not the only one wondering that. Matron and old guys from Academy also thinking about it.

'Matron, we have to get this guy at any cost,' He said telepathically; while he could not read through the matron's thoughts from her expressions, he is sure she will try her all in getting him. They already have the successor of their founder; they now have to get their hands on this guy.

Once both of them are in the Hawthorn Sea, nobody will be able to stop them from reaching even greater heights, even the Grimm Monsters.

"Little guy, your advancement has surprised me; it looks like your time in Devils Gate had been quite beneficial," The old woman said as I walked up to the teacher and others.

"Yes, it was life-changing," I replied respectfully, hearing that her eyes seemed to have flashed for a moment; it is so fast that I even saw it.

To others, it may feel like we are having a normal conversation, but we are not. Matron had asked me something, I replied in affirmation; just like Patriarch Bradford, Matron Mavis was also to reach the Sunlit Dome in her days.

"Good, it looks like I will have to send little jill out adventuring soon; it is not good for her to remain cooped up one place for too long," She said, and she ruffled jills dark hair gently with her shriveled hand.

"Jill, its been long," I said as I greeted my old friend. She had changed in the past year I had not seen her. She had become taller, her

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