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"This will be the best price you will get in the city if you are lucky!" Jim explained thinking, I am unsatisfied by the price.

''No! I am just too shocked to hear that all these her are this expensive, all I've hoped for million or two for them." I've explained.

"That's good then, currently I have only ten million on me, I'll transfer rest of the two million tomorrow!" He said.

I nodded, I have no problem. Ten million is enough to get me specialized training in the moderate training center and help me get by for at least six months.

''Ting!" A notification rang out on my holowatch, it was a message of reading I had ten million trasfered in my account.

I never had this much money and never thought it would be possible to have now I have it in my account, it took me a while to come back to myself after seeing this much money.

Suddenly Jim smiled and messages his hands craftily, ''You must have quite a few Treant hearts right?" He asked.

''I am not interested in selling them!" I said straight away. They are very precious akin to second life, I would be a fool to sell them and I have only twenty-nine of it.

"I am not asking you to sell me, I am giving you a proposition," he said, that piqued my interest and I asked him to continue.

''The Treant hearts have a big flaw, they spoiled. The specialist one will start to spoil after three months and will become useless in six while Corporal level one became useless in 9 months if you don't believe me, you can check on the web, you will find it if you search little hard!" He said.

"What do you propose?" I asked directly before he started to omit details, he had a habit of when it comes to potions.

"It's simple, you give me all the treant heart you have, I'll give you living water potion in exchange, for each treant heart I will give you fifteen Grade 1 water potions in exchange and if you have Corporal level treant heart, I will give the same amount of Grade 1 potions, just these ones going be high grade! And these potions going to last you for Five years easily." He said.

Life Potion is what Jill had given me when I was seriously injured by the monster, it works the same as mana heart, the only difference between them that one is potion while other is the heart of the Treant.

It is a sound deal, normally I get 20 portions of each treant heart and it is 580 from the twenty-nine treant hearts I have, I will never going to finish them in nine.

The deal that Jim offer is very good as I will get four hundred and thirty-five potions which have an expiry date of five years.

"Good!" I said and started to take out treant hearts from my storage, earlier when I was taking out herbs from my backpack, I have transferred all the mana heart into my storage.

I can see from corner my eyes that Jim had a slight reaction seeing I have but I saw no hint of greed or any other emotions in his eyes.

Now that I am thinking of it, he himself has at least two sto

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