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"Siren! Siren! Siren!…" loud blaring sirens started to boom across the town at the same time.

"Attention, this is not a drill but an emergency, please take shelter in nearest bunker..."

"Monsters are coming!" we both said to each other in unison and get out of cafe like the rest of us.

I tried to control my racing heart and emotions, whenever I hear these blaring sounds, I started to panic.

Ever since that incident five years ago, I had developed an instinctive fear against these sirens and loud announcements.

I didn't have any panic attacks in the past two years but still had my heart racing and emotion in turmoil.

''Let's go!" Said Ellen and started to run, I followed her without much thinking.

While running, I received many messages from my parents asking me to take shelter in the nearest bunker.

"Where are we going?" I asked Ellen as we ran past the bunker that is nearest to us.

"Towards the wall, my parents, sheriffs would also be there!" She replied.

I wanted to stop her and ask her to run back toward the bunker but soon I remembered that I am not the same Micheal I was three months before.

I am changed, evolved through my experience and hardship that I faced.

The monsters that are attacking our town could be considered trash against what I faced in the space realm.

And I also wanted to test my power against normal monsters but one thing I am confident in doing that killing Corporal level monsters.

I don't think, I will have a problem facing them.

It's only been two minutes but the streets are becoming empty of people, the one thing normal people fear more are the monsters, as soon as they heard sirens.

Soon the wall comes into my view and some people could be seen standing in front of them.

"Chew!" Ashlyn suddenly came flying and landed in my shoulder, "Do you came to help me, Ashlyn." I asked Ashlyn as I ran toward the wall with Ellen.

"Chew chew!" she chirped arrogantly in affirmation, in space realm she barely able got the chance fight seeing monsters in the realm much more powerful but here she can fight.

With her concentrated fireballs, I don't think many socialist monsters able to counter it.

The wall is twenty meters tall and thickly built and it also has Grade 1 protection artifact fitted inside.

The protection artifact may not be as good as Clock Dome but it still able to thwart up to Sergent stage monsters.

Only especially strong Sergent stage monster or above stage monsters could break the wall.

That is not the only defense town has, there are few cannons, Mayor, sheriffs department and some independent Corporal also there to fight for towns protection.

There is one officer from the sheriff's department at the base of the wall and about to stop us from going up when a voice comes from above.

"Let them come!" a voice come from above, I was little started from hearing that voice.

Not only me but Ellen also started, we both tho

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