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It wouldn't take long to that fire engulf me, even Rock thorn Ape had stopped midway seeing fiery lion attacking.

There is no chance of me dodging that fire, even if I activate lively wind, the fire will still engulf me and that time I will become a living target.

My body would be engulfed in fire, which will definitely attack more monsters than normal and I even might attract more of fiery lions by running around bathed in fire.

There is no problem surviving it fire, I have confidence in myself that I could come out of it relatively unharmed, the problem is what comes afterward.

Surviving after is the problem, it will definitely attack me physically after its fire tide attack and that's the main problem.

I will have to use that chance when it will come to attack me physically.

I thought all that in a fraction of second and after making a plan, I started its execution without delay.

I move my sleeve toward my mouth to eat the pieces of treant heart while at the same time using my fire ability to cover my self in my silver fire, every inch of my body is covered in fire, leaving no corner behind.

The fire tide touched me and I ate the pieces of treant same time, I don't know how many pieces I ate but it is definitely more than five.

Next second I overcome with feeling hot and cold and at the same time.

Hot from the fiery lion's power that is engulfing me and cold from the treants heart that I just ate.

Both sensation clashes in body but I can feel the fire of engulfing me becoming stronger and the frigid cold sensation of Treants heart is drowned by them.

My silver fire is covering my body but the fire of Fiery lion is very powerful and sticky quality into it, that it even started to burn my silver fire slowly.

I started to feel hot all over my body, if I didn't do anything soon, the fiery lion's fire will burn all my fire and seep into my body after it overcomes the defense of the artifact, in my body.

Without care for mana, I started to release more and more silver fire to fight off against the fire of fiery lion the heat I am feeling is elevated a little but I can feel fiery lions fire is covering my silver fire.

I good thing this I have my whole body protection of Armor and Mask and very little fire could touch me but not for their protection, the fiery lion's fire would engulf me more.

I don't know when I am fighting against the power of the fiery lion, Ashlyn inside me tried to sense it with all her heart.

This is the first time since her birth she sensed the fire that barely comes under her eyes.

Micheal and even Ashlyn herself don't realize the real reason she hates eating the monster cores, once Micheal tried to feed her fiery lion core he will understand the real reason.

It all looked much time had passed but there had been barely two seconds since I've received the attack of the fire tide.

I tried to clear the fire around my mask to clear my vision, the mon

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