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A look of utter ecstasy appear on her face as the drop of honey fell on my mother's tongue.

Her eyes became blurry and she just lay smiling on the bed without moving, the only relieving thing is that her complexion which was that of sick is recovering at a visible speed.

My father tried to shake off my mother but there is no response, "Is this normal?" my father asked.

''I don't know? But when Ashlyn had a drink this honey, she was out for nearly six hours and I was getting drunkenly vibes from her.

He nodded and started to attach some machines to my mother to monitor her progress.

I carefully placed honeycomb back into the case, very careful on not making any honey sticking to my hands as each drop costs more than a million.

"Chee chew!" Ashlyn comes flying as I about to close the lid of the box, she looked angry, so angry that her eyes are red.

"Chew chew chew!" Ashlyn chirp angrily saying I am stealing her food, this honey is hers and she had to work very hard to steal it from the Daffodil Bees.

Busted! I thought I took a sigh and pinch the honeycomb a little so that, one drip of golden brown honey would come on my finger.

"drink it!!" I said as placed my finger near her tiny mouth, without waiting, with the help of her little tongue she quickly drank it

"Cheeew!" she suddenly lost focus and about to fall on the ground but I picked her quickly and places her near my mother.

Her expression also the same, it looked like she is experiencing some pleasant dream.

This isn't going be over soon! I said in my mind and took the seat near the bed while my father is observing the multiple projections from the machine.

''That drop of blood is providing more than lifeforce to your mother, it seemed to be healing and cleansing your mother's body!" my father said softly with utter astonishment.

I am not a bit surprised hearing this, the honey of daffodil bees contain many things Life force is just one important part of it.

Those bees not sucked life force but other energies like mana and vitality, not only that it also contains the essence of many flowers and herbs.

They fuse them all perfection that human alchemist hardly able to do, that is why many high-level alchemists always researched this honey and try to replicate their properties.

Daffodil Bess called natural alchemists for nothing.

"You must be tired from your travel, you should take some sleep in your room." said my father, seeing me dosing off in the chair.

He looked much better than he looked an hour before, the worry lines on his face seem to be melting so worry and tiredness that had reflected on his body.

"Okay," I said, he is right I am really feeling tired from the travel.

After giving a reassuring smile to my father, I walked toward my room. I did not pick up Ashlyn and let her sleep near my mother.

It didn't take me long to fall in sleep and when I woke up its already afternoon.

I slept for four

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