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''By, I will see you in a week if I am not grounded!" Said jill and she walks into the hovercar.

I also waved her hand, seeing her hovercar flying through the air.

I also called the hovercar but it will take a few minutes as thousands of people suddenly leaving for the westblood.

All the frenzy on the Green Hills died down as the whole green hills are sealed by top 7 organizations.

In the Republic, these seven organizations are very powerful, more powerful than the government.

It is said that these organizations are not from our continent and are from a different continent, I always thought it is peoples imagination going wild and these organizations from the strong nations of our continent but I now I can fairly guess that this may be not peoples wild imaginations.

The many things I've experienced in the space realm made me the thing that, especially these monsters from the central continent who fought Corporal stage monster at being at Private level without much-breaking sweat.

Maybe some of the Top seven organizations and Jill's organizations from the central continent as whenever I asked them about the central continent they always became oddly quiet.

Taking a deep sigh, I did not think about that subject more, I will come to know about it if I became strong enough.

Seeing there is enough time, I book the train for my town, the earliest train is for tomorrow evening, which means I will reach my town at day after tomorrow.

Five minutes later hovercar came and I took a seat on it, seeing I have more than an hour of time, I decided to call my parents

I took a deep sigh and called on my mother's number.

"Tring tri Micheal!" My mother received my call at the second ring and the projection of her face appeared from me.

Her face looked little sick, it must be because of worry and her pregnancy.

She was first little startle but then suddenly started crying loudly, she cried so loudly that my father came running thinking something must have happens to her but got surprised seeing me on the call.

She started to talk in between her cries, saying that they thought something must have happened to me and they would have come to look for me if not hearing from Ellen that I was in secret training.

She cried for ten minutes before stopping but then she suddenly turned really angry and started screaming at me for not informing them before going to secret training.

I felt weird too seeing her mood swing but my father seemed oblivious to it, he must have got used to her mood swings due to pregnancy.

I heaved a sigh of relief thinking not following my original plan of surprising them home at day after tomorrow.

If I really did that, I would have surely gotten beating then and there by my mother, I am still not sure if I am free of any beating when I go home at day after tomorrow.

''Mom are you fine?" I asked after she calmed down enough.

There was a change in her expression whic

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