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"We have to tell him!" Said my father, my mother nodded with a sigh, "I would have never gone for if it didn't concern this little one!" she said as cares her stomach.

"Do you think he will help you contact them?" asked my father, "He is our only option and it didn't matters he can contact them or not, as long as he is willing to help, it very minute thing for him to provide us that potion!"

"If not for this little one's life on the, l wouldn't have gone to him even if it had cost me my life but for this little one I will do anything, even if I have to kneel to beg!" she said, pain could be heard in her voice.

They stayed silent for a while the looked at the front and little smile had appeared on their face.

From of them is a big sealed food box that Ashlyn is trying to open with all her heart.

Aside from using her fire, she is doing everything she can to open the box and looked quite comical doing that.

"You never changes Ashlyn, you are still a glutton!" said my mother.

"Yes, she is, for food, she will do everything!" I said as I come behind with the smile as saw what Ashlyn was doing.

My face is all smiling as I never heard they're an earlier conversation.

"Chew chew chew!" Ashlyn backed down and started chirping furiously at me to open the food box.

"Ok, I'll do that!" I said and open the box click and started to remove the small boxes from inside and started passing everyone.

Just as I placed the box in from of Ashlyn, she quickly opens the box with extreme precision with the help of her claws and started to eat without waiting for anyone.

My parents looked shocked seeing her do that, Ashlyn had no problem opening the seal on small boxes as these are the one we usually came from.

This is the first time of her seeing this big food box, I am sure in two or three days, she will learn to open the big box as well.

"This good!" said my father and mother in unison as they took their first bite, not only they, the ecstasy could be seen on the Ashlyn's parents as they were busy eating like Ashlyn.

"This one is more delicious than the other ones you send!" Mom complimented, I just smiled without answering.

I've upgraded their food services both in quantity and quality, so obviously, this is going to taste much better.

We didn't talk much and ate our food quietly, the only one who is making noise is Ashlyn as she is eating very speedily with her tiny mouth.

One thing I don't understand with Ashlyn that she obviously loves food, she has to savor it while eating but she always eats so fast as if someone going steal her food.

I many times told her to eat slow but she never listened to my words.

Soon we finished eating one by one but Ashlyn as always the first one to finish.

"Let me!" I said seeing my father picking empty lunch boxes off the table to throw them at the trash.

I take the boxes from my father's hand and threw them at the trash can in the corner of the ki

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