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I can see the forcefield opening, they are going to a quarter of the dome.

This entrance may seem small but it's very large, hundreds of monster came inside, there is a problem even four gigantified monsters come together.

"Growl!" A giant Copper rhino rushed in crushing thousands of normal monsters with his to giant legs.

It the first monster that came inside the dome but before it could attack anyone, it was killed by the attack of super-elites, it didn't even last for than ten seconds.

Its giant body fell, crushing tens of monsters that were behind.

With super elites, many people launch attacks at monsters that are coming through the open space but is used, there are too many monsters and they could not kill all of them.

I asked Jill why they are opening the quarter part of the dome as this huge entrance and fifteen thousand monsters could easily enter within ten minutes and there will be many casualties.

She said that they had finished the battle before evening or monsters from other areas also would come and that time we will have more monsters in our hand that we could handle.

That time we will suffer more casualties in our hand.

More monsters started to pour in and the corporal level started to fight with them.

'Caw caw caw..' The wind crows entered inside the dome and started to attack with sharp wind blades.

That god! That everyone has received instruction on surviving against wind blades.

One has to give preference to mask if they have one or at least cover head with something that able to obstruct the wind blades.

These wind blades were so sharp that whatever they touched will be cut clean.

I saw a group of wind crows is coming toward us from the sky and on the ground, there is a group Treants, Rock thorn ape and Violet grass snake.

I felt relieved seeing only these monsters are coming and not fiery lions.

I have seen the terror of fiery lion just now, normal warrior of the same level can't even block the single attack of them, with a single claw, the fiery lion had sent boy same level as it flying like a cannonball.

The boy had already become heavily injured when it fiery claw clashed against him, I don't know if he is alive or not after crashing on the ground.

I saw super elite running toward him and feeding him something but I didn't know he survived or not as moved my gaze and looked at monsters that are coming toward us from the sky and the ground.

'Zip zip zip…' numerous wind blade attacks came from the sky, I dodge and defended against them while Jill had already started using her long range skill, a winding crow will die every time she launched her attacks.

I kept defending against them as it is not the time to launch my attack.

The group of the surface monster coming toward us in full force attacking whoever that comes in their way.

This battle is complete than another battle, here monster had started feeling every corner of it.


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