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Note: This chapter is extra long.

'Bam!' next moment I crashed against something and felt like I am rolling and entangling in something soft.

I hope that it's not dangerous monsters otherwise I have to bear more injuries while leveling up.

I waited for a few moments but I did not receive any attack and when opened my eyes a few seconds later, I why hadn't I received an attack.

I crashed against the gigantified monster and seeing the fur of golden yellow color, it is probably a fiery lion.

I seem to entangle in its thick fur, I tried to move but I can't due to my heavy injuries.

It handnt been more than four minutes since I had eaten the pieces of treant heart.

Lots of their chilling power is traveling inside my body, both healing it and providing mana for my level up.

I just stayed entangled without moving, let my body heal and level up and after that, I am going to kill the bastard who sneaked attacked me.

As I started to gain a feeling of my body, I felt little hot, only to find there is still little fire if the fiery lion that hadn't consumed which is now burning my body little by little.

I am in no mood to care for it, it will only able to injure me little as nearly all of it whetted by me, the injuries I am receiving from it, will be healed by the power of treant heart.

After two minutes, I gained little control over my limbs and I ate two more pieces of treant heart to speed up my breakthrough and leveling up.

The chilling feeling of treant heart gave me some relief against the burning injury than I received by fire.

Two more minutes passed and most of my injuries had been healed but the most important part is in three minutes, I will be leveled up the mid-level of Specialist grade.

I can feel the raging the mana that is coursing through my veins and after I fully became mid-level specialist grade revolver, my mana will increase again.

I will be able to use all my skill more efficiently and most importantly I am dying to know how many Fire Bolts I will be able to release with my Fire Strike.

I wish it will be five but I know that's near impossible, it will be my good luck if I am able to release three bolts seeing the quality of my fire.

If I had the fire of Fiery Lion, I am pretty sure I would be able to release more than ten bolts of fire at the mid-level of specialist grade.

"Roar!" I heard loud roar not far me when I crane my neck I saw fiery lion sniffing around looking for something.

So this bastard is most likely that sneaked attack me and now sniffing for my trace.

I now understand why it was able to sneak attack on me, its peak level Specialist stage monster in B upper category.

It power greater than the monster same level as it on the battlefield.

It was my good luck that I crashed against the gigantified fiery lions dead and deeply entangled between its hairs right now or I would have been easily caught.

'Finally!' i said in mind, the le

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