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"No!" she said confusingly, "do I have something in my face, on my body?" she asked as she started to check her face and body with her hands.

"You should look yourself in the mirror?" said my father in teasing tone.

Hearing his tone, she hastily walked toward the corner of the wall, she touched the small flat showpiece few times.

Soon the flat showpiece started expanding and turned into a full-length mirror.

''Gasp!" She let out a gasp as she looked herself in the mirror, caressing her skin which has become perfectly smooth.

"It's wonderful!" she whispered while caressing her skin. "Micheal you should also give your father that drop of Honey?" my mother said teasingly after same time after she unwillingly deactivated the mirror.

"Hahaha!" we all laugh a little at her words, I could easily give my father a few drops of honey but it would be waste as it could not do much except cleans his body.

If it had had any help to my father's progress it would be a completely different thing as I would have taken a drop as well but sadly it made no effect in cleansing one's body.

My heart pained little seeing Ashlyn had yet drunk another drop. That drop worth tens of millions of credits yet she drank.

It's the thing she brought! I said in my mind, if not for her bringing that little honeycomb, my mother would have been still sick and I would now be calling Jill and Jim for Life potions.

Seeing the mother is completely healed, the gloomy atmosphere had completely left our home leaving everyone's mood to warn.

We talked about all thing, I shared some of my experience in westblood and space realm leaving dangerous parts aside to save them for extra worries but they still guessed it.

"Micheal you have to be cautious and careful not only against monsters but humans also, they are ones who can stab you in your back." said my father in a warning tone.

"I know father!" I said. I've seen friends fighting and hunting teams turning on each other for little as minsters core.

I know very very well to guard against, in three months since I've been in the westblood, I've made only two good friends while others are just normal friends.

"I had brought some gifts for you," I said and started to take out gifts from my storage.

They looked shocked not for the gifts that keep piling on the table but the place where I am taking out gifts from.

"is..is that storage?" asked my mother stutteringly, the storages are very common in movies and tv but in real life, they are extremely rare, so rare that many people were not able to see it in reality.

"Yes, I got quite lucky..." I said and started explaining about how I met Shawn and Carol from the central continent and how they offered me a job in exchange for things.

I tone it down on many things but made it convincing enough that my parents will have a hard time asking any question against it.

As expected they didn't ask any question seeing for explanation

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