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"Ting!" A bell sounded on my holowatch, it was notification of showing there are 12 million credits had been transferred to my account.

I barely controlled myself from shouting seeing such amount in my account.

I took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself down.

I have been seeing the train station for 15 minutes and there are still ten minutes for the train to come.

"Zup!" In ten minutes, the train came and I went inside, this time the ticket I booked is quite an expensive one compared to the cheapest one that I had booked when I come to westblood three months ago.

My town is in quite a remote area, it will take thirteen hours for the train to reach there.

If it all goes well and the train did not have an accident like last time, then I should be able to reach my home at 8:00 AM morning.

I sat comfortably in the big chair without big pushed here and there by neighbors as this the single seat chair.

There is no disturbance from others, closest seats to me are half a meter away.

I look outside the window but all I see is a black blur.

Soon our dinner came and both we cleaned our plates, it was a quite a tasty meal, not quite tasty as the five-course meal we ate yesterday.

Ashlyn slept quickly while I kept browsing the web on my Holowatch that when I remember something.

I really want to slap myself for that! I had asked Michael some monsters cores of a fiery lion for Ashlyn to eat but I totally forget that and this little glutton didn't remind me.

Normally she never forgets to remind me when it is time for her to eat but when it comes to crystal core she never reminds me.

I took out crystal core of fiery lion and small fist size device.

I added the core of Corporal level Fiery lion inside the device and pressed sixty on it, soon the machine vibrate for a little while before stopping and a transparent small finger size box came out of it.

one can see small specks inside it, these specs are part of the core that I had just put inside the small device.

If one can count, he will see there are a total of sixty red specks inside it.

I had brought this small monster core cutting device two months ago, it is quite efficient and precise.

I have to feed Ashlyn one speck every day and I even put up a reminder in my holowatch.

Before I know, I spend a few hours on the web and started to feel little sleepy but before that, I had to do the last thing.

I quickly went to the bank site and type the loan number, my parently loan amount shown in front of me.

One hundred eighty thousand and six hundred credits, I clicked on the payment after seeing the amount.

"Ting!" I received the notification of payment confirmation.

This loan used to feel like a mountain to me but now feels nothing, I can still remember how my parents used to cut corners every month to p

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