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'Oh!' I noticed that while coming out of my house, I wore my Grade 1 boots instead of regular shoes.

Seeing I am halfway into the way of Adolf's cafe, I resumed to walk ahead, these boots don't look that bad, they are just little metallic.

"Tinkle!" a pleasant tinkle sounded as I entered the cafe, Ellen was sitting in the corner, elegantly sipping the coffee.

She has ash blond straight hair and porcelain-like face, whoever looked at her became entranced by her grace and beauty.

She is one of the people who are born with an inborn grace, whatever they do, their every moment seems graceful.

She is also my first crushed in this town but that crushed got dumbed in the cold water as she only digs girls.

"Micheal here!" she shouted softly seeing me coming through the door.

I walk toward her and took a seat beside her, "Not bad, looks like I have to work hard to catch up to you!" Ellen said in praise as sensed I am at Mid-level of Specialist stage.

"You better work hard or you will be left behind!" I teased as she is only at the Initial level of Corporal stage but I am confident she will catch up.

''So, how was the new space realm that opened on the green hills?" She asked.

''Very dangerous!" I said with sincerity, it was very dangerous and thousands of people die inside it.

''Tell me from the beginning?" She asked impatiently, she really acts like children sometimes.

I started to tell how I accidentally entered the realm and found myself in the Wasteland where no human could be seen and when I told about how people from the central continent could kill Corporal level monsters easily, she is shocked.

''You are not joking right?" She asked and looked at me carefully, "No, I swear, I am not joking. I would have definitely recorded it if I had not been star struck by their power." I said.

I kept going while skipping some parts like Shanws offer and the storage and Knight grade equipment I've got in return.

I have only stopped when I reach the part of the story where I reached the main camp outside the scind forest.

''The monsters you face looks very dangerous!" Ellen said serious tone.

"They were ants compare to what we faced inside the Scind Forest!" I said and shuddered.

I still felt quite scared when I think out fiery lions and Sawtooth earthworms monsters.

"What type of monsters did you face?" she asked with extreme curiosity.

''We faced monsters of C and B grade monsters, both Upper and Lower grades of it," I said, her eyes completely went wide and look of disbelief after that.

"You are kidding me right?" she asked as I am joking with her and probably I had also like her if I had heard it from her.

"Do you know Super elites?" I asked as she is still believing I am kidding with her.

"Of course! They are legends," she said, I can see deep reverence in her eyes.

In an organization, B grade member is elites while A grades are those who had completed the super

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