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"Fire Strike!" I shouted both for confidence and manage the pain of my back as I attack Water Bulls that are attacking the Water jet straight at me.

"Puchi!" Before Water jet could come out of its mouth, my sliver fire bolt squarely struck him on its head, killing it one shot.

"Boom!" "thud!" Its partner death clearly surprised other bull as it lost focus and its water jet missed me by an inch.

That clearly surprised me, because I already had my shield ready and two pieces of treat hearts dissolving in my body to heal any injury, I received.

"Fire Stike!" I attack it again as I'm not going to miss the god given the opportunity as seeing next water jet forming in my mouth.

"Bang!" but before I could see if my attack struck or not, a big sledgehammer type fiery attack hit squarely on my body and I flew away like a broken kite.

I am not surprised receiving this attack and kind of expected it as this was the main reason, I ate two pieces of treant heart.

I always knew that after I launched my fire strike, I would receive an attack from behind by Scarlet Fire Bear.

That is why I activated my mask and ate two pieces of the treant heart so that the mask could protect my head and two pieces of treants heart could heal any injury I receive.

On the other hand, me laughing second Fire Strike is purely by seeing the chance.

I already had enough mana as two pieces inside me recharged my mana within the second and that other water bull also missed its attack due to being a shock, it was the perfect chance.

The only sad thing is that as I finished launching my attack, I was hit by the fiery claw of Scarlet fire bear which flown my body like a broken kite.

It may look it had taken a minute at least but its all happened in four seconds as now my body is still shooting through the air.

I am surprised seeing my body hadn't clashed against any monster or tree before falling a little away from a fight.

I would take few second to scarlet fire bear to chase after me, I hope it would be enough to heal my injuries relatively.

Currently, every part of my body had been broken by scarlet fire bear attacks but it is rapidly healing due to the refreshing energy of the Treants heart.

As the second passed my body started to gain the movement as I am able to move my body little by little.

Seeing that I started activating my artifact one by one.

Despite the crushing attack of the monster, I didn't lose any of my artifacts.

This time I was well prepared and had an iron grip on my artifacts especially my sword.

"Groooowl!" ''Mooooo!" My heart skipped in fear hearing the loud noise of the monsters.

The giant monster had arrived and they had probably brought a new layer of a monster with them.

The giant monsters I am not scared about as they will be killed Super elite withing minutes but what scared me most that new group of monster they brought with them.

I hope no new monster would attack

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