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No matter which obstruction is coming in a way, we pierce through it but did not decrease our speed.

All Three super had been using their powers but it is still Rachel has the most kills.

Rachel's speed of releasing arrows faster than normal, not only she Max and William also releasing flora of attacks whichever monsters that came in way.

I also keep my skill ready to attack any monster who breached the formation but no monster had as they had all got killed before they could reach the formation.

In twenty minutes we reached near enough to hear the faint sound of fighting and by that time more than thous funds minsters were cut down.

Hearing the faint fighting sound we increased our speed again, cutting down any monster that comes in our way.

I look disappointedly at the monster bodies that we were leaving behind, so much monster cores.

If one were just to sell monster cores of all the monster we had killed in the past half hour, he earns tens of millions.

We kept running top of our speed and as we drew near, the sound of fighting grew louder and louder.

By the time we had reached the fighting scene, I was left quite dumbstruck seeing the fighting scene but also could understand why the other group would need reinforcement.

"Lets attack!" Said Max as we reach near the battlefield without giving us much time to observe the fight, with max we all ran toward the battlefield like mad while observing the fight.

There are seem to more than four thousand monsters fighting near thousand people and people seem to be in very bad shape.

All the body parts that were not in protection of armor are clawed red, their clothes are torn and people look very miserable monsters.

Nothing less expected from monster species which are famous for mischief and some even have a streak of cruelty in them.

They are monkey species, these ones look extremely cruel and are little different than other monkey monsters I've come across in westblood.

They are exceptionally fast, although most of the monkey monster are famous for their speed and agility these ones are exceptionally fast, their speed would be little than bitsy, which is the fastest monster I've ever come across.

These monkeys are the same size as all the monkey monsters I've seen, the higher level ones are just a little bigger and all of them are light green in color.

The weirdest thing about these monkey monster is that their claws, they did not have claws like a normal monster.

Their claws looked like they have made of wind blades, they are about five inches long.

One look at their claws would put fear in men's hearts, that's how sharp.

As we running toward the battlefield, I saw jill remove the mask from her storage and put on her head which quickly activated and turned into the sleek helmet that covered her head and neck, completely covering her body except for her palms which are holding her sword and shield.

Not only she but m

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