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Super Elites only collect Corporal level cores while leaving the specialist ones for us.

I am collecting cores as fast as I can as others also started to finish their fights and started collecting the cores.

Even Corporal level adventurers are no exception as they also collect a monster core of specialist grade without care for their dignity.

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn had brought back herb and fruit in her two claw respectively and dropped them in my backpack.

Without much talking she left again, I can't understand why she dropping of herbs.

Fruits I understand as she I and I both ate them but she did not even touch herbs she brought back, I once tried to feed it too bitsy but she threw away as she tasted it.

99% percent of the herbs she brought back are unknown if not some that identifiable are expensive, I would have thrown them away and used that emptied space in my storage and backpack for something else.

While collecting monsters cores, I've also kept the eye on the battle that is still going in.

About a thousand monsters are left and they also getting killed every second.

Earlier I didn't get a chance to look carefully at another Totem artifact but now I can see them.

Max has normal length spear which looked like it made of rusted iron and it looked very ugly if not its shiny blade edge, I would have thought it is a cold weapon from the old era.

William's sword quite beautiful, it looked like it made of onyx rock.

The other two super elites also had Totem weapon, one tall boy had battle ax which looked like it made of wood.

The second super elite of that had totem artifact that we used today, If not it for knowing she is super elite, I would have thought she is using little peculiar dual blades.

I didn't know Totem weapons are being so common these days!

Before today Totem weapons were things of legend for me which can only be wielded by powerhouses or important people.

The information about Totem artifacts is not low-level evolver like me can access but my luck was good that I found a book about totemic ruins from the past era.

It is common knowledge that 1st totem can be made in lieutenant grade and it can be anything but today's age most people prefer to make their totems in the form of weapons as they are most suitable for a man than other things.

What is not know that evolver can make seven totems whole at a different stage of power.

To make totem needs a lot of things, that depends on what type of totem you making.

Totem is very important in fights, the higher the grade totem is, the better enhancement it will give to the user.

There is a huge difference between Totem and Totem Artifact.

What Totem Artifact is that after Totem bearer dead, that totem will materialize beside user body after taking all the energy from users body.

The level of Totem artifact depends upon what stage powerhouse died and some other things.

It said in the book that,

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