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''What the fucking hell is this!" I gasped seeing the scene in front of me.

Not only me but hundreds of people are seeing this in exclamation and fear.

It was their loud shouts and shouts that woke me from my heavy sleep.

The sky hadn't brightened yet but I could see rows and rows of monsters to a range of my eyes.

There is no end to them, currently, there are more than a thousand minsters attacking them at the same time and behind them also thousands and thousands of monsters.

Every attack of them seem forceful, producing the ripple and now there are thousands of ripple every moment

It is not just our camp but Max's camp that beside us also besiege by monsters.

This is not a simple group of monsters but a horde and its strength and quantity looked more powerful than the treant.

The monsters looked fearsome as if came out of a nightmare.

They are bipedal Hog monster about 13 meter average in height, the Biggest hog minsters are about 17 m to 18 m tall.

They have big pig head and their sharp tusks could be seen as they elongated from their mouth.

The funny thing about them is their slightly pink buffy bodies, which would have them quite cute to look but instead, it had the opposite effect making them look fearsome.

''How do you feel?" I asked Jill as I saw come beside me.

''Yesterday, I definitely would have felt scared but now I didn't think I have to feel scared of them." She said with confidence.

I nodded, her strength must have increased a lot except for the new skill she can practice with her mana purity there is also supreme combat seal she must have created.

All in all, with all her abilities increased, she will easily able to fight against this monster with her Speed as a boon.

She is not the only one who's abilities increased, I also have the confidence to deal with the monsters ahead of me.

The main reason for my confidence is my knight grade skill.

I am quite confident in dealing with monsters ahead of with the aid of my knight grade skill and extra seal I created yesterday.

I watch for a while before going back to my tent as there are still two hours before we leave the camp.

I am not much worried about minster horde outside, Rachel will think of something to counter them and now there is even William who is very close to Max and Rachel in power.

Even if this horse is overwhelming, it its still mall horde which has will have more or less five thousand minsters.

There are many grades of hordes but this realms monsters most can only organize grade Grade 1 or Grade two horde if the monster leader is powerful.

Soon the time of lunch came, normally this even early breakfast but in this realm, we have to eat lunch at breakfast time.

I deactivated my tent put and put it back into the backpack before walking toward the center of them.

The camp's atmosphere is little somber as monsters attacking in the full force.

Everyone is eating silentl

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