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'Slice' 'Puch!' When I looked back weakly, the monster behind me is decapitated.

''Thanks!" I said, earlier I was using Fire Strike on monster while another one was coming behind me.

My plan was to dodge as soon as I launch the strike but now that jill had killed it, I have no such worries.

I rested for a minute to let potions digest before again started attacking monsters again.

In the midst of attacking my gaze fell on rhea who had slight red smoke covering her body.

Her speed is so fast that I am barely able to catch her with my eyes, this is the speed type knight grade skill she is using.

With the help of it, her speed got faster and her attack more lethal due to speed copying it.

Sometimes when I see her using that skill, I wonder why hadn't I chose that skill but quickly reason cut in saying Fire Strike ability is best for me.

Both of us choose the perfect skill we needed, she needed speed while I need lethal attack power and as I level up and able to conjure more bolts of fire, that is when my skill will become truly dangerous.

While fighting I soon found the perfect place, It is the fifty-meter body of gigantic scarlet fire.

I can easily hide beside it and faint vibes that are still releasing from it can easily mast the fluctuation of my attack and help me hide.

I will use this trick tomorrow if get the chance.

Its been nearly two hours since I've been fighting, after finishing my fight within forty-five minutes, I started to help another kill these monsters.

It is very hard for specialist grade evolvers to kill these monsters without knight skill.

There are still many monsters are still alive and those who finished their individual fights are helping in killing monsters.

While fighting I found the perfect place me to attack and take rest after that.

It is near the body of Giagantified Scarlet

As time passed more and more people finished their fight and started to help, with the continued effort of everyone monsters getting killed every second and their number leased to the point, that battle is nearly finished.

''This one also!" I said to jill as she is helping me remove the monster cores.

This is harvesting time after Jill had removed the cores of the monsters she killed, I ask her to help me.

The defense of both of the species is immense and power of the third tide barely make a scratch, even power forth tide only able to penetrate half an inch into its skin.

It's the best choice to ask jill for the help as she finished harvesting hers killed monsters.

''Jill, I will need some potions from you? I nearly finished using all mine!" I really spend more than two hundred bottles of Mana and healing potion together.

"Do you want it now or later?" she asked as she moved her hand toward the monster heart.

Her hand felt little obstruction but it quickly passed through the heart and she removed the core from inside without dirtying her hands.


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