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I followed Ashlyn hurriedly with an excited expression if this turned out to be another miracle fruit that will aid me in increasing my strength, then my survival through this realm is guaranteed.

With too many twists and turns through many kinds of trees, we passed by many teams until we reach the place where the miracle fruit of my dream supposed to be.

The place is Ashlyn leading me toward looked quite secluded as we come across less and fewer people.

When I saw where Ashlyn lead me to, I got surprised.

"Are you sure this is the amazing thing you smelled?" I asked Ashlyn as I looked at the thing which she had to lead me through.

"Chew chew chew!" She affirmed excitedly and asked me to take out.

What front of me is Treant, a 5-meter treant, according to its size it should be Private stage treant.

Normal Specialist grade Treants are between 10 to 15 meter tall and this one is only 5 meter.

I did not saw any live Private stage treant but I did come across dead ones.

They are only two of them and looked similar to this one. Seeing from the hole pierced through its trunk, it looked like it killed by Rachels arrow.

I did not wait for a moment and pierced my sword towards its trunk to make a hole to take out the heart.

"Doug!" ''Hunh!" I got extremely surprised when I saw my sword had barely made a scratch on its trunk.

Though I did not use my skill, I still used quite a bit stronger.

Even if it was a specialist grade treant, I would have made mark deeper that barely a scratch that I am seeing.

I put aside my sword and decide to carefully look, at it as I carefully observe it, I started to notice some peculiarities.

It has a size of the private grade but the defense is compared to peak specialist stage.

Not only that I noticed very tiny crystalline veins all over it body, but these crystalline veins could not be seen as long as one doesn't look very carefully.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirp, saying me to quickly remove heart inside it, nodding I activated my skill to fullest.

First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide! I activated the power of all three tides and my sword pierced toward its bark.

''Dhug!" ''God!" I said in amazement as my sword barely went inside the bark much less penetrating.

Corporal Grade! This treat is definitely Corporal stage monster, A mutated one at that.

A Mutated Treant, that explains its small size and those very small crystalline veins all over its body.

I again activated my skill and tried to pierce its skin but no use.

I sighed looking at my barely visible sword mark, there is only one option left, The Forth Tide.

I still remember the consequence I've experience last time when I used the fourth move if not for jill saving me precious potion she had but there is a difference in that time and this time.

I remove the fist-size treant heart from my pocket and looked at it with a pained expression but I quickly made my mind and ate it

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