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"Quickly clean the battlefield!" said Rachel after the last of daffodil Bee killed by her.

I started to collect cores and poison gland of Daffodil Bees, if not for poison gland is smaller than fist size, I wouldn't have picked that up.

It did not take much time to collect all the material from Daffodil Bees but it is not the same for bodies of monster hogs.

No matter how much I tried, I can't seem to the penetrated the heart of the Monster Hogs.

I even used the power of the Three Tides but it was no use, in the last I had to request jill's help to remove the monster cores.

These cores B grade monster will be very precious in the market, they are more expensive than normal Corporal grade monster cores.

Less than an hour we finished cleaning the battlefield and started to walk.

Rachel had said we have to walk for about fifty miles inside the core region to reach the exit and it will take six to seven days.

One day had already passed and today is the second day.

I miss home very much especially my parents, I have never been away from home for this much time.

After exiting this realm, I am going to book the earliest ticket to home.

Time passed by and two more days had been passed, these two days had really grueling.

As we enter inside, the monsters are getting stronger and stronger and fighting them becoming difficult.

There had been near twenty-one deaths since we entered in the core region three days.

It is our luck that we have three super elites with us who quickly kill a large number of monsters and rescue people on time otherwise deaths would have been many times higher.

The only regret I have I wasn't able to create the 5th seal of supreme combat exercise.

I am currently struct at 24th move if the exercise and can't seem to break the last wall.

The pain I felt the 24th move is really great, though it is still not compared to the one I felt after I ate the mystical medicine but still the pain is still unbearable that stopping me from breaking the last layer to create the fifth seal.

As the pressure of fight had increased many people also level up and their combat technique becomes sharper by these constant fighting.

Even I one of few in the camp that doesn't know any combat style aside from one I learned in the school is getting better.

My movements became crisp and agile, every move my sword will either used to attack or defend and there barely will be any waste movement on my part.

Rachel said if we keep going at this pace we can reach the exit in three days minimum.

Today is a special day as we are going to meet two more groups in the evening and two days later, the remaining four groups will also meet.

With the original eight groups, we are going walk toward the exit of this realm.

It is mid-afternoon and we had just finished fighting a small horde of monster.

Thousands of bodies of monsters are littered around the ground and many people bu

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