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"Daffodil Bees!" Rachel said in horror, slight fear could be heard from her voice, not only she but many other elites around her also have that look.

I don't particularly know this species bee monster but knowing it is Bee monsters already enough for me.

Flying-type monsters are dangerous especially those who traveled in a large group are very dangerous and Bee monster is one the most dangerous one.

Those yellow clouds have about ten thousand monsters and they are constantly killing Monsters Hogs around our camps.

A few minutes later thousands of monster hog bodies lying dead around the camp while clouds of daffodils bees are attacking both camps with the thousands of darts.

One thing I don't understand though, why the reaction of horror appeared on Rachel and her friend's faces.

"Are these Daffodils Bees are very dangerous!" I asked jill who is beside me watching bee monsters relentless attack on our forcefield.

''They are more than dangerous, they are like a scourge, once they decided on something, they can annihilate hordes of the monster within the second."

"These monsters are common in high mana concentration realms like this as this is best places they would find materials to make their honey." She said.

''Material for honey?" I asked, what material they need to make honey that precious flowers.

"You will soon see what material they need but One thing you must remember never crossed these daffodil bees they are extremely relentless in their hunt." She warned.

The bees kept attacking for a few minutes before they stopped suddenly and started to land on the monsters Hogs.

Every daffodil bee landed on the monster and suddenly a crystalline protrusion came out of their mouths and struck the chest of the monster Hogs.

Thousand of bees is doing that to everybody of the Monsters Hog.

"What are they doing?" I asked Jill, seeing the weird crystalline protrusion coming out of their mouth.

"Keep watching!" Jill replied I kept watching but I saw no change for a few seconds but then bodies of monster Hogs started to twitch as they were waking out of their sleep.

Their bodies started to twitch faster and faster but no matter how much they try, they can't seem to move their limbs.

"Grunt grunt grunt grunt…" Mournful grunting of Monster Hogs started all of sudden.

Their mournful grunt shook my heart, to grunt like that they must be in extreme pain.

I thought earlier when Daffodil bees released their darts, I thought they were poisonous and they were killing those monster Hogs but I was so wrong, those darks were not poisonous but potent tranquilizer that made Monster Hogs unconscious.

I looked at the monster hogs that were grunting in extreme pain as crystalline protrusion of daffodils bees are attached to their hearts.

There seems to be no change in their body because of protrusion, I wanted to ask Jill what the daffodils bees are doing but I know she will not give me th

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