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"Mooo!" "Growl!" With a deafening sound, the specialist grade monsters came toward us.

Soon a group of specialist monsters is separated and started to attack the evolvers.

Three monsters ran toward me with furious expression in their faces.

Of the three monsters, One Scarlet Fire Bear while other two Water bulls.

''Whoosh whoosh!" All three of them launched a long-range attack.

Suddenly everything turned slow and I can see water jet and fire attack forming in their mouth with very slow speed.

While everything around me had started to run slow motion including my body but my thoughts process is unaffected.

This happens to some time from childhood when I am on adrenaline, though it did not happen always when I am in adrenaline, it happens most of the time.

Some people experience this very less and some people experience it but it is not useful as others would think.

it does not affect that much as I am seeing in everything in s

I can't change much as my bodies reaction is too slow to do much anything except for the seeing trajectory of the attack.

I can't act on much as my strength is too low to act according to it.

If I had eight seals in my body right now, I would able to react fast and kill these monsters fast.

I laugh at myself thinking that, if I had the power of seals I would have directly run and killed them directly before they could lunch an attack.

Seeing three incoming attack of water and fire, I ducked down and use my shield above my head defend myself from a change in attacks.

''Boom!" All three attacks had missed me, although this monster has lethal long-range attacks, they need few moments to ready that attack and you are easily able to guess the trajectory of those attacks from their mouths.

And it's not like they are crafty and smart like azure monkeys.

There is another thing which helps me dodge the attack of these monsters which are their big size.

Due to their fourteen, fifteen meter size, there is a lot of space to dodge their many attacks, especially a range one.

"Growl!" Scarlet fire Bear came toward me growling as it claws started to burn with scarlet fire.

I am quite surprised seeing that but I quickly reacted.

First tide! I activated the power of the first tide to dodge the incoming fire claw attack from Scarlet fire bear and water jet attacks from the two water bulls.

"Bang!" ''Fuck!" I cursed as grazed by fiery claws of Scarlet fire bear while I was dodging water jets.

The injury I received could not be said lite but it is not serious either but I cant mull over the injury as another attack is coming.

This has been a reality ever since we entered the central region, most of the monster I faced are B grade.

Mad and idiot they may be but they are extremely strong if two or more B grade monster of the same level attack you, it became very hard to attack and defend.

Despite having Knight grade skill, I don't get a chance

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