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When my mana stabilized and all pain is gone, I opened my eyes slowly.

There is no change in my tent except for my little sweaty body and me fully enveloping my backpack with arm and legs.

I weakly let go of my backpack and started to examine my body.

As I started to examine it, I found no change in it except for I am a little stronger due to the fourth seal.

There is some blood stain on my mouth and palm which I quickly cleaned.

I again fully checked my body again but I still found it no different than earlier and I am still at Initial level of Specialist Grade.

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn came out of chirp, I sensed her meaning through our link, she is saying to me to check my mana.

'I am such an idiot! I would have first checked my mana, I felt all that fucking pain because of it!' i cursed in my mind as started to check my refinement engine for mana.

''Fuck there is only 15% mana left in central storage and mana purity…." I stopped my cursing midway when I saw my mana purity.

Before eating treant heart central storage of my refinement engine about 95% full and now there is barely 15% but that not the important thing.

My mana purity was at 86.4% before I eat treants heart but now my man purity is fucking 90.8%.

So, this is the use of this mutated treat heart to purify the mana.

This is a fucking miracle! This purity means not only I have lethal attacks but most importantly, I can use my Knight grade skill now.

With the power of Knight grade skill, my survival is guaranteed as long as any Corporal level monster didn't attack me.

With this skill and fourth seal, my power had more than doubled.

I was so excited that I just wanted to go out and try my skill but I did not as It is forbidden.

Any type of fighting in the camp is not allowed, even if it is self, dual or group.

I sigh with disappointment before cheering up, I just have to wait for the night as I will get plenty of chances the power of knight grade skill.

I got one more shock when I looked at my holowatch, I thought minimum three to four hours definitely would have passed but when I looked at my holowatch, I saw there is barely forty-five minutes had passed.

I looked at the half-eaten mutated treat heart in the ground and sigh.

I will not eat it again for some time, I don't want the experience that pain again for some time, even if it were to purify my man further, I will not eat it.

"Chew chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped in warning as I move my hand toward the mutated treant heart on the floor.

She thought, I wanted to eat one more time and warned me against it, saying that there is no use eating again and if ate it, I will experience double the pain I've experienced before.

I've shuddered to hear that, I didn't want to experience such pain again if possible.

"I am just picking it to pack!" I said as I took out a delicate box from my storage.

This delicate box is one of the miscellaneous things I g

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